What is the highest level a dweller can be in Fallout Shelter?

What is the highest level a dweller can be in Fallout Shelter?

A couple of max level (50) dwellers with max stats (10) can produce legendary children starting with 40 randomly assigned SPECIAL points.

What does dweller level do in Fallout Shelter?

All level 1 dwellers will have 105 HP. As they level up they will gain more HP at the rate of 2.5 HP + Endurance * 50%; I assume HP gets rounded down to the nearest whole number. Be aware that outfits that increases Endurance will increase the amount of HP dwellers receive when they level up.

How long should a dweller be in the wasteland?

The longest I’ve allowed a Dweller to explore the Wasteland is 12 hours and they’re still only finding BB Guns and other useless junk. Then, How do you get a legendary dweller in fallout shelter?…Who is the rarest dweller in Fallout Shelter?

Name Preston Garvey ( Preston Garvey)
P 9
E 8
C 6
I 5

What do dwellers levels mean?

Leveling means that your dwellers get more health and sometimes high level dwellers are required to start some quest. You can increase your SPECIAL STATS by training dwellers in certain rooms. For example, the gym increases the dwellers strenght. Rage.

Do dwellers level up in the storage room?

The storage room requires 12 dwellers to be unlocked. Despite being marked as an Endurance room, having an Endurance-oriented dweller assigned to this room appears to have no effect on the room’s function. It does make that dweller happy, though that dweller will not gain levels while assigned to the storage room.

When should I recall my dweller?

You can recall the dweller at any time, though they will take half the time they were exploring to return to the Vault and bring back the spoils of their excursion. Dweller does not suffer damage or radiation when returning from the Wasteland.

How long does it take dwellers to level up?

So even if you put like alarms to upgrade them, it will take no less than 74 hours and 6 minutes, so a little over 3 days to fully upgrade one stat.

Can you get more than 200 dwellers in Fallout Shelter?

The Problem: Once you’re in the late game you don’t have much to spend your caps on in Fallout Shelter aside from building and upgrading rooms. Unfortunately, it appears that you can’t upgrade Residences anymore after you’ve reached the capability to house 200 dwellers.