What is the largest LEGO set 2021?

What is the largest LEGO set 2021?

LEGO Art 31203 World Map Not only is this the biggest LEGO set of 2021, it’s also the biggest LEGO set ever. Being a LEGO Art set though, you’ll have some spare when you’ve finished building the World Map, but it’s still huge.

What is the biggest LEGO set ever?

The new LEGO Art World Map is the largest individual LEGO set ever made. It contains a whopping 11,695 pieces – that’s 2,605 more pieces than the Titanic in second place and 4,154 more pieces than the Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon.

How many different Lego pieces are there 2020?

There are 3,700+ different LEGO elements (this includes all LEGO bricks and other LEGO elements.)

Is LEGO making a Titanic set?

At the time of writing, the 10294 LEGO Creator Expert Titanic set is in stock and available to order here at LEGO.com for $629.99.

Is there a 10000 piece Lego set?

LEGO Colosseum (10276) Officially Unveiled As The Largest Set Ever, Near 10,000 Pieces | Geek Culture.

How long is the Lego Titanic?

54 inches long
LEGO TITANIC – FINAL THOUGHTS. Based on its price ($629.99) and size (54 inches long, 18 inches tall, and 7 inches wide), the #10294 LEGO Creator Expert Titanic is definitely a niche model.

How big is the Lego Titanic?

53 in.
Measuring over 53 in. (135 cm) long, the Titanic is the largest LEGO® set ever created (as of 2021).

How many different Lego pieces exist?

LEGO has come a long way over the past almost 80 years, from a small carpenter’s workshop to the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of toys. There are more than 900 million different ways of combining six eight-stud bricks of the same colour.

What is the most popular LEGO piece?

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Rank Part ID # Pieces
1 — 4073 38855
2 — 3023 34615
3 — 3024 27101
4 (+1) 98138 25545

How many LEGO Titanic’s were made?

Making the announcement on social media, LEGO wrote that the set will have a total of 9,090 pieces!

How big was LEGO Titanic?

How much does the Lego Titanic weigh?

About LEGO® Titanic The LEGO® set “10294: Titanic” contains of 9090 pieces and weighs 14.000 grams.