What is the meaning of Practo?

What is the meaning of Practo?

Practo Search is a patient focused, unbiased, independent medical website with over 100,000 doctor profiles from across India and Singapore. Patients can book confirmed appointments with doctors listed on Practo’s website. This is a free service for both the patient and the doctor.

How old is Practo?

Practo Tab was under development for almost 18 months. It launched in June 2014 and crossed a user base of 25 within 1 month of launch.

Who started Practo?

Abhinav Lal
Shashank co-founded Practo more than a decade ago along with his NITK Surathkal friend, Abhinav Lal. After facing a difficult healthcare situation in his personal life, Shashank identified the existing gaps that could easily be met with the help of technology.

Why is Practo important?

“Practo is revolutionizing healthcare by enabling consumers to find the best doctors, book instant appointments, consultations, and make better, more informed health decisions.

Is Practo an Indian company?

Practo is a health tech company based out of India and aims to connect the fragmented medical community with millions of patients across the country.

Who is the CEO of Practo?

Shashank ND (May 2008–)Practo / CEO

Why is Practo successful?

They are growing their business meaningfully and having more patients day by day. The revenue of practo is generated mainly from its app that has got a feet-on-ground sales strategy. It is expensive but effective at the same time. Independent doctors and small clinics are the main targeted products of this company.

What type of company is Practo?

Practo Technologies Private Limited develops and distributes medical information systems. The Company offers an online software platform that provides automated appointment scheduling, billing solutions, and storage of medical records. Practo Technologies serves customers in India.

What kind of company is Practo?

Practo Technologies Private Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 08 May, 2008. It’s a private unlisted company and is classified as’company limited by shares’. Company’s authorized capital stands at Rs 45.71 lakhs and has 42.76836% paid-up capital which is Rs 19.55 lakhs.

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