What is the most common name in Laos?

What is the most common name in Laos?

Most Popular First Names In Laos

Rank Forename Incidence
1 Sengphet 195,923
2 Phayvanh 191,419
3 Khamla 137,371
4 Somphone 117,103

What does Chan mean in Lao?

Chan, Chanh, Chantha [càn] ຈັນ ຈັນທ໌, ຈັນທຣ໌ Sanskrit chandra, “moon”, not to be confused with the tiane in Vientiane which means “sandalwood”.

How do Laos names work?

The ‘family name’ (or ‘surname’) is inherited from one’s parents and shared with other members of the individual’s immediate family . Lao names are traditionally patrilineal, whereby children inherit their father’s family name at birth. Most women will take their husband’s surname upon marriage.

What does Vilay mean in Lao?

Meaning & History From Lao ວິໄລ (vilay) meaning “splendid, beautiful” and ພອນ (phone) meaning “blessing”.

Is Lao a Chinese name?

Lao is a common last name found among Overseas Chinese communities around the world. In fact, “Lao” is the transliteration of several different Chinese surnames. Its meaning varies depending on how it is spelled in Chinese, and which dialect it is pronounced in.

What does Dao mean in Laos?

It is concerned with the Dao or “Way” and how it finds expression in “virtue” (de), especially through what the text calls “naturalness” (ziran) and “nonaction” (wuwei). These concepts, however, are open to interpretation.

What is my name in Laos?

Basic expressions / Common Words

Usa Lao
Thank you (very much) Khop tchaï laï laï
Excuse me Excuse khaphachao / Kalounaa
My name is… Khoï suu…
No thank you Bo khop tchaï

Is Lao a Filipino name?

Chinese : a Cantonese form of Liu 1. Chinese : probably from the name of Lao Mountain in Shandong province, adopted as a surname most likely during the Zhou dynasty (1122–221 bc).

What is the national flower of Laos?

When travelling in Laos, one plant you can’t fail to notice is frangipani, a flower you can see in almost all monasteries. Scientifically known as plumeria rubra, the flower is actually the national flower of the country and a symbol of sincerity and joy.

What does the name Keo mean?

4. Keo is French Boy name and meaning of this name is “Superior, Extraordinary, Precious”.