What is the most mouse clicks in 1 minute?

What is the most mouse clicks in 1 minute?

Do you know the world record for most clicks per minute? It’s 9.7 CPS. Challenge yourself to beat it.

What is the most clicks in 10 seconds?

Do you know the world record for most clicks in 10 seconds? It’s 14.2 CPS.

How do you get 10 cps in Minecraft?

To increase your CPS, make sure you have a mouse that is fast enough. You’ll also need to practice clicking on blocks with a carrot to increase your CPS. Then, you’ll know exactly how many times you clicked each block in your Minecraft world.

What does it mean to click a mouse button for one minute?

It means how many times a person can click a mouse button in 60 seconds without getting distracted. Clicking Mouse Button consistently for one minute is not as easy task as it look apparently. You have to be full attentive and dedicated while pressing the mouse button for one minute.

How many times can you click the mouse in 10 seconds?

According to Recordsetter – a website that lets player post record for everything, Per the same website, Dylan Allred from Las Vegas holds the world record for most mouse clicks in 10 seconds. The data suggest that Allerd click the mouse 1,051 times in 10 seconds.

How to play click counter 1 minute game?

There are some simple steps to begin the click counter 1 minute game. Although it’s not necessary 1- Click on the “Start to play button,” the clock will start ticking immediately. 2- Try to make maximum clicks in a given time. 3- After completing the test, you will be able to see your rank.

How to test your mouse clicking ability?

Generally, calculating mouse clicks is referred to as ‘click speed test’’. Our website offers many variations by which a user can test his mouse clicking ability. The click speed test is more like a pass time game where players try to score the highest score. Below there are simple steps one needs to follow:-