What is the name of 38 district in Bihar?

What is the name of 38 district in Bihar?

West Champaran
How many districts are there in Bihar?

No. Name of District Area (sq km)
35 Supaul 2,410
36 Siwan 2,219
37 Vaishali 2,036
38 West Champaran 5,229

How many districts are there in Bihar in 2020?

Bihar, a state of India, currently has 38 administrative districts, 101 subdivisions (अनुमंडल) and 534 CD blocks.

Which district is biggest in Bihar?

As per the official census 2011 conducted by Directorate of Census Operations, following is the data of large districts of Bihar in terms of population….Jagran Josh.

Largest District by Population in Bihar Patna
Male 3,078,512
Female 2,759,953
Population 5,838,465

Who was the first chief minister of Bihar?

Shri Krishna Sinha (also Singh; 21 October 1887 – 31 January 1961), also known as Shri Babu, was the first chief minister of the Indian state of Bihar (1946–61).

Which caste is more in Bihar?

Castes and ethnic groups

Castes of Bihar
Caste Population (%) Notes
Forward caste 18% Four upper-castes – Brahmin-6%, Bhumihar-7.2% Rajput- 7.2% Kayasthas -1% constitute around 18% of state population.
(STs) 1.3%
Others 0.4% Includes Christians, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists

Which is richest district in Bihar?

After Patna, Begusarai Emerges As District With Highest Per Capita Income in Bihar.

Which is the smallest district in Bihar?

Largest & Smallest District in Bihar by Area

# By Area District Area
Largest West Champaran 5229 km²
Smallest Sheohar 443 km2

Who is rich district in Bihar?

Which is richest city in Bihar?

List of cities in Bihar by population

Rank Name Population 2011
1 Patna 2,046,652
2 Bhagalpur 470,839
3 Gaya 410,210
4 Muzaffarpur 380,125

How many districts are there in Bihar?

The northern boundaries of Bihar touch the neighbouring country of Nepal and other borders touches the neighbouring states such as Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal to the east. According to the figures for 2022, there are now 38 districts in Bihar.

Which is the most populated district in Bihar?

30 Patna Sahib (Lok Sabha constituency),covers Bakhtiarpur,Digha,Bankipur,Kumhrar,Patna Sahib and Fatuha.

  • 31 Pataliputra (Lok Sabha constituency),covers Danapur,Maner,Phulwari,Masaurhi,Paliganj,and Bikram.
  • 28 Munger/Monghyr (Lok Sabha constituency),covers Barh and Mokama and shared with Munger district.
  • Who is the popular district of Bihar?


  • Barauni
  • Teghra
  • Matihani
  • Bachhwara
  • Mansurchak
  • Naokothi
  • Cheriabariyarpur
  • Sahebpur Kamal
  • Bakhari
  • What is the best city in Bihar after Patna?

    Patna (/ ˈ p æ t n ə, ˈ p ʌ t-/ Hindi: [ˈpəʈnaː] ()), historically known as Pataliputra, is the capital and largest city of the state of Bihar in India. According to the United Nations, as of 2018, Patna had a population of 2.35 million, making it the 19th largest city in India.