What is the RU program?

What is the RU program?

RU Full Throttle is a weekly program that meets on Friday night just for teens. At Full Throttle, every message is designed to impact teenagers right where they live, dealing with the issues and struggles they face every day.

What is a faith-based facility?

A faith-based approach introduces these elements to the addict and creatively incorporates them into the recovery process. Addicts learn to trust early on in the recovery process. The approach teaches trust in the facility’s staff members, recovering peers, and in a greater power.

What is a CR group?

Feminist consciousness-raising groups, or CR groups, began in the 1960s in New York and Chicago and quickly spread across the United States. Feminist leaders called consciousness-raising the backbone of the movement and a chief organizing tool.

Who founded Reformers Unanimous?

Steve Currington
Steve Currington is a former addict who started Reformers Unanimous with now former North Love Baptist pastor Paul Kingsbury. The Rockford-based addiction recovery organization has branched out to more than 1100 chapters throughout the country.

What is a faith based approach?

A faith-based organization is an organization whose values are based on faith and/or beliefs, which has a mission based on social values of the particular faith, and which most often draws its activists (leaders, staff, volunteers) from a particular faith group.

Is Celebrate Recovery only for addicts?

Program Basics The Celebrate Recovery program is open to anyone in need of help, regardless of the type of addiction, pain, or hurt they are experiencing.

How does faith-based organizations help?

Historically, FBOs have been particularly prominent in providing food, clothing, and shelter to people in need. Faith-based organizations have also assumed a role in helping promote housing and community development. Some fourteen percent of community development corporations (CDCs) are faith-based.