What is the Sith version of a Jedi Sentinel?

What is the Sith version of a Jedi Sentinel?

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, the prestige class that corresponds to Jedi Sentinel is Jedi Watchman; the dark-side counterpart is Sith assassin.

What is the best Jedi class in KotOR?

The best class in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is the Scout class. Playing as the Scout class provides you with an efficient way to place all of your skills, and being able to diversify your skills in a cheap and efficient way means long-term success in all facets of the game.

Are Sentinels Jedi?

Affiliation. The Jedi Sentinels were a group of Jedi that preferred working directly with the everyday citizens of the galaxy as opposed to contemplative meditation and study within the confines of a Jedi Temple.

Should I skip the prologue KotOR 2?

for instance, Is it worth doing the prologue in Kotor 2? It get tedious if you’ve played the game a thousand times beforehand, and since there’s no benefit with TSLRCM to halfway completing the tutorial, I would say skipping it is preferable if you’re competent enough to know the game mechanics.

Is Cal Kestis a sentinel?

In my mind Cal is clearly a Jedi Sentinel, so I went for an understated Temple Guard kind of saber. The Cere metal clamp is very unfortunate though.

Does your class matter in Kotor?

The class you choose will affect your character progression through the first portion of the game. It’s where you will gain the majority of your skills and feats and determines how you will have to play the game until you become a Jedi.

What class gets the most feats Kotor?

Jedi Guardian
Jedi Guardian The Guardian is the Soldier of the Jedi classes, with the same high Vitality per level and the most Feats. Due to these strengths, the Guardian shines in Lightsaber combat, but also has the lowest amount of Force points to spend.

How do I skip Peragus?

When you wake up from the kolto tank, go into the Medical room and use the lab station. You will see an option at the bottom for Skip Peragus. of the room. Next use the newly spawned terminal and select Skip Peragus again.

How do I get to the Ebon Hawk Kotor 2?

There is a low security door at the end of the tunnel containing two metal boxes. Continue through this room to finally reach the Ebon Hawk.

Can Grey Jedi use Force lightning?

Bindo acquitted himself for being talented with Jedi mind tricks and was capable of using dark side techniques such as Force lightning.