What is the STD code of Burdwan?

What is the STD code of Burdwan?

STD & PIN Codes

Subdivition STD Code
Bardhaman Sadar (North) 0342
Bardhaman Sadar (South) 0342
Katwa 03453
Kalna 03454

What is the West Bengal STD Code?

The STD code of Calcutta in West Bengal is 033.

State :
City :

Which zone is Paschim bardhaman?

Locality. The locality B-Zone falls in Paschim Bardhaman district situated in West Bengal state, with a population 11518. The male and female populations are 6000 and 5518 respectively.

What is the STD code of Asansol?

Asansol Std Code Number, West Bengal

Location STD Code State
Asansol 0341 West Bengal

Which area code is 033?

033: Pietermaritzburg and KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

What is the capital of West bardhaman?

The headquarter of the district is Asansol. It was formed on 7 April 2017 after bifurcation of the erstwhile Bardhaman district as the 23rd district of West Bengal.

Who is the SP of Paschim Burdwan?

Districts and Local Govt

Name of District Name Office No.
Murshidabad Sri K Sabari Raj Kumar 03482 250751
Krishnanagar Ms. Ishani Paul 03472 252843
Purba Bardhaman Sri Kamanasish Sen 03422 662956
Paschim Medinipur Sri Dinesh kumar 03222 275609

What is a +91 number?

India Country Code 91 – Worldometer.

What is the STD code for West Bengal?

West Bengal STD Codes City STD Code ISD Code Adra 03251 091-3251 Agradip 03453 091-3453 Ahivan 03483 091-3483 Ahmedpur 03463 091-3463

Where is the PIN code of Purba Bardhaman?

PIN Codes of Purba Bardhaman Distict Location PIN Code Burdwan 713101 Katwa 713130 Kalna 713409 Memari 713146

How to call West Bengal phone numbers from abroad?

If you have to call on a fixed line number of any city in West Bengal, from abroad, you will need the ISD code. Talking about STD codes, before dialing any fixed line in a city, other than the one you are in, you will have to affix the STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) code of former city, ahead of the phone number.