What is the word despite mean?

What is the word despite mean?

Definition of despite (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : the feeling or attitude of despising someone or something : contempt. 2 : malice, spite. 3a : an act showing contempt or defiance.

Is in spite and despite the same?

The easy answer: none. Despite and in spite of, despite what you may have heard, work identically in a sentence. In other words, these two prepositions, in spite of what you may have heard, are basically identical. In most cases, both mean “notwithstanding,” “even though,” or “regardless of.”

What does it mean to shed light on?

Definitions of shed light on. verb. make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear. synonyms: clear, clear up, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, elucidate, enlighten, illuminate, sort out, straighten out.

Can you say despite of?

The word despite is a preposition which takes a noun as its object, and doesn’t require of. Despite of is incorrect, and sounds distinctly non-native. (You’re probably getting confused by the similar phrase in spite of. In spite of means basically the same thing as despite.)

What is another way to say in light of?

What is another word for in the light of?

considering taking into account
taking into consideration in view of
bearing in mind given that
keeping in mind mindful of
taking note of with regard to

What is another word for despite?

What is another word for despite?

regardless of in spite of
even though even with
for all in contempt of
in defiance of in the face of
notwithstanding undeterred by

What is another word for disputed?

SYNONYMS FOR dispute 2 bicker, squabble. 8 disputation, altercation, wrangle, bickering, squabble.

What does the phrase in light of mean?

Also, in the light of; in view of. In consideration of, in relationship to. For example, In light of recent developments, we’re postponing our meeting, or In the light of the weather forecast we’ve canceled the picnic, or He got a special bonus in view of all the extra work he had done.

Can I say However although?

However and although can appear in the same sentence. (1) However means “but”. If the second sentence (remember: second sentence) is related to the first one with some contrast, you can use however. (2) Although can be used to show the dependencies of two phrases in the same sentence.