What is Veeam SureBackup?

What is Veeam SureBackup?

SureBackup is the Veeam technology that allows you to test VM backups and check if you can recover data from them. You can verify any restore point of a backed-up VM.

How do I set up Veeam SureBackup?

To create a new SureBackup job, use the New SureBackup Job wizard.

  1. Launch the New Sure Backup Job wizard.
  2. Specify a job name and description.
  3. Select a virtual lab.
  4. Select an application group.
  5. Link a backup or replica job to the SureBackup job.
  6. Specify recovery verification options and tests.
  7. Specify additional job settings.

Which backups can be used as a source for SureBackup?


  • Servers and Hosts.
  • Repositories.
  • Nas Backup.
  • What is a SureBackup job?

    A SureBackup job is a task for recovery verification. The SureBackup job aggregates all settings and policies of the recovery verification task, such as application group and virtual lab to be used, VM backups that must be verified in the virtual lab and so on.

    What is Veeam DataLabs?

    Veeam DataLabs offers the opportunity to leverage data from existing backups and replicas. That’s right. There are different reasons why this feature can be a life saver. Simply put the data in the backups and replicas are a goldmine as they in fact are a copy of the existing production data.

    How do I set up Veeam virtual lab?

    Creating Virtual Lab

    1. Launch the New Virtual Lab wizard.
    2. Specify a virtual lab name and description.
    3. Select a host.
    4. Select a datastore.
    5. Set up a proxy appliance.
    6. Select networking mode.
    7. Create isolated networks.
    8. Specify network settings.

    How does WAN acceleration work?

    What Does WAN Acceleration Do? WAN acceleration remediates network congestion and latency by implementing bandwidth preservation techniques such as compression, caching, data deduplication, and image optimization.

    What is veeam on demand SandBox?

    On-Demand SandBox™ is another use case of our Veeam Virtual Lab, an isolated virtual environment where you can start one or more VMs from backups, VM replicas or VMs from storage snapshots.

    What Veeam features does surebackup support?

    This is made possible using different Veeam features such as Virtual Lab, Instant VM recovery and application groups in conjunction with specific testing scenario. Surebackup is relying on Veeam instant VM recovery feature.

    What happens if Veeam Backup&Replication fails to verify a VM?

    If Veeam Backup & Replication does not find a valid restore point for any of verified VMs, verification of this VM fails, but the job continues to run. By default, you can start and test up to three VMs at the same time. You can also increase the number of VMs to be started and tested simultaneously.

    What is the surebackup job?

    The SureBackup job is a task to perform recovery verification. You can run the SureBackup job manually or schedule it to run automatically by schedule.