What is Xymon used for?

What is Xymon used for?

Xymon is a system for monitoring servers and networks. It takes its inspiration from the Big Brother monitoring system, but unlike Big Brother it is designed to work well whether you need to monitor a small network with just a handful of hosts, or large networks with thousands of servers and network services.

How do you set up Xymon?

Prerequisites – before you install Xymon

  1. A webbrowser capable of handling HTML 4, JavaScript and CSS.
  2. A Unix-like operating system.
  3. Sufficient SYSV IPC resources on your system.
  4. A webserver.
  5. A working C compiler, GNU make.
  6. PCRE, RRDtool, OpenSSL, OpenLDAP libraries.
  7. A “xymon” userid on your system.

Is Xymon an open source?

In contrast, development of Big Brother appears to have stopped – at least when it comes to the non-commercial (BTF) version. Xymon is licensed as Open Source – Big Brother is not.

What is Hobbit client?

What is Hobbit? Hobbit is a tool for monitoring servers, applications and networks. It collects information about the health of your computers, the applications running on them, and the network connectivity between them.

What port does Xymon use?

TCP port 1984
Clients must be able to connect to the Xymon server on TCP port 1984 to send their status reports. If this port is blocked by a firewall, client status reports will not show up. If possible, open up the firewall to allow this access.

Can I use Big Brother on Xymon?

Windows hosts can use the Big Brother client for Windows, the BBWin client or the WinPSClient written in the Windows PowerShell scripting language. Plugins extend monitoring to new types of applications and services, and many extension scripts for Big Brother will run unchanged on Xymon.

Is the BBWin handle for centralized mode included in Xymon?

The BBWin handle for centralized mode is included in Xymon (Hobbit) since April 2008. The BBWin central mode documentation is only included in the 4.3 branche. The documentation is only availabe as a man page (ie: man hobbit-clients.cfg).

What is the name of the Xymon host configuration file?

The name of the file – “hosts.cfg” – was chosen so it is compatible with the Big Brother system which uses the same filename and file format. analysis.cfg is the configuration file for data reported by the Xymon clients installed on the hosts you are monitoring.

Is Xymon free to use?

Xymon, a network monitoring application using free software, operates under the GNU General Public License; its central server runs on Unix and Linux hosts. The application was inspired by the open-source version of Big Brother, a network monitoring application, and maintains backward compatibility with it.