What Jeans Does Pharrell wear?

What Jeans Does Pharrell wear?

Pharrell wearing the G-Star Elwood jean in Shepherd’s Check. The collection, which launches online and in stores on February 16, was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of G-Star’s Elwood jean, a cut that utilized cutting-edge (at the time) 3D printing technology to nail its motorcycle-inspired fit.

Why is bionic yarn unique?

One of the main attractions of Bionic Yarn is that it sacrifices neither form nor function. By combining the plastic material with other fibers, the company has been able to develop a variety of textiles, “for denim, for khakis, for canvas.”

Where would bionic yarn be used?

Founded by Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs, BIONIC collects upwards of 10 tons of plastic per month to be transformed into fabric and used by brands like Sea-Tex, Timberland, Burton, G-Star, O’Neill, H&M and Chanel.

When was G-Star bionic yarn developed?

“The oceans need us now,” Williams said as he announced the collaboration between G-Star and his textile company, Bionic Yarn, which Williams co-founded in 2010 to produce fabric from recycled plastic.

What is bionic material?

BIONIC® is a material engineering company supplying the consumer and industrial markets with fully traceable, high-grade textiles and polymers, made with coastal and marine plastic.

What does Bionic Yarn make?

Toussant is the co-founder of Bionic Yarn, a New York City-based startup that makes fabric from recycled ocean plastic, and next month, the company is launching its biggest collaboration to date with designer clothing company G-Star RAW.

Who created bionic yarn?

Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs founded Bionic Yarn in 2007 as a raw materials manufacturing company. Though they had much to learn, one thing was certain: They wanted to prove a company could have profit and purpose.

Who developed G Star bionic yarn?

Bionic Yarn’s Creative Director, Pharrell Williams will serve as the collection’s co-designer. The partnership will also result in G-Star integrating Bionic Yarn material into its existing product lines.