What kind of fraternity is Tau Kappa Epsilon?

What kind of fraternity is Tau Kappa Epsilon?


Tau Kappa Epsilon
Founded January 10, 1899 Illinois Wesleyan University Bloomington, IL
Type Social
Affiliation NIC (former)

How do you wear the TKE pin?

Fourth: Wearing the Badge to Commemorate the First Three Chapters. The badge shall be worn with the right side vertical in commemoration of the geographical location of the first three chapters in the form of an equilateral triangle, having its right or west side in a vertical or north-and-south line.

What fraternity has the most chapters?

By mapping thousands of chapters across 794 campuses, we determined which fraternities are most common in each state. Alpha Phi Alpha, which was founded at Cornell in 1906, has at least 290 active chapters, more than any other fraternity, according to data available on GreekRank.com.

What was TKE before TKE?

In hopes that their organization might be more attractive to Phi Delta Theta, it was decided that a Greek-letter name should be adopted. The name “Knights of Classic Lore” was therefore abandoned and the Greek letters Tau Kappa Epsilon selected. As a further step, a fraternity house was rented.

What is TKE’s reputation?

Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) TKE has one of the best physical houses on the row, extremely strong brotherhood and throw some of the biggest parties of any fraternity. TKE is 100% a top tier fraternity at USC and are most likely to remain at the very top of greek life if they can stay out of trouble.

What is a TKE sweetheart?

What is the TKE International Sweetheart? The International Sweetheart of TKE recognizes TKE Nation’s women leaders for their commitment to impacting their local communities, advancing scholastic success and embodying the values that have shaped our great Fraternity.

Where do you put a frat pin?

06-1 The Pledge Pin is to be worn by the pledge at all times when suitably dressed. With a suit or sport coat, it is worn on the lapel, in the buttonhole of the left lapel or as close thereto as is practical.