What lamp does a Source Four PAR use?

What lamp does a Source Four PAR use?

HPL lamp
Construction. The Source Four PAR is designed to use the same HPL lamp used in other ETC Source Four fixtures. The HPL lamp, combined with newer aluminum reflector technology, is designed to allow for more light output while using a lower wattage.

How many lumens is a Source Four?

Source Four fixtures are more efficient.

Product Lamp Watts Field Lumens
ETC 15-30 Zoom at 23° HPL 575 10,805
Selecon 12-28 Zoom at 23° Blue Pinch 1000 7404

Why would you use a source 4 PAR?

Source Four PAR comes with a single medium flood (MFL) snap-in lens that mount in a cool, rotating ring. Four optional lenses offer smaller and wider beam widths. That also means no more reaching into a hot can with cracked porcelain sockets….Source Four PAR EA.

Weight 12

What is a Leko light?

A Leko light is a highly focused light source. It can concentrate a single beam into a fairly small diameter, functioning similar to a spotlight. On the technical side, a Leko light relies on an ellipsoidal reflector that can collect and steer light through the barrel and lens.

How much does a Source 4 Par weigh?

7.5 lb
ETC Source Four PAR EA Specs

Rating Up to 750 W Maximum
Yoke Steel, with 2 Mounting Positions and Positive Locking Clutch
Cable 3′ / 1 m Fiberglass, Stage Pin
Dimensions 15.9 x 10.8 x 8.3″ / 40.4 x 27.4 x 21.1 cm, with Optional C-Clamp
Weight 7.5 lb / 3.4 kg

What is a source 4?

The Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) Source Four (also known unofficially as Source 4 or S4) is an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight (ERS) used in stage lighting.

What was one of the main benefits of a Source Four lighting fixture over the old style?

The Source Four’s reflector reflects back 95% of the visible light striking it, while allowing over 90% of the infrared radiation (heat) to pass out the back of the instrument.

What is par in lighting?

PAR stands for “parabolic aluminized reflector.” These bulbs have a lamp, reflector, and pressed lens inside the lamp to provide directional lighting. They have a shorter body than BR light bulbs with a bowl shape. PAR light bulbs have soft light, but with a more defined edge than BR bulbs.

How much does a source 4 zoom weigh?

Source Four Zoom

Fixture Name: Fixture Weight (Imperial and Metric): Shipping Weight (Imperial and Metric)
15-30 Degree 21 lbs/9.5 kgs 29 lbs/13.2 kgs
25-50 Degree 17 lbs/706 kgs 25 lbs/12.7 kgs