What materials can a UV printer print on?

What materials can a UV printer print on?

UV has a wide range of substrates that can be printed on like glass, metal, wood, plastics, ceramics and many more. Depending on if the product is ridged or flexible a ridged or flexi ink can be used with printers like the FreeJet 330UV. With other printers you may only find the ridged ink option.

What printer is used to print on pens?

digital flatbed printer
Pens can be printed on a digital printing machine, which is almost always a digital flatbed printer.

Does UV printing use ink?

UV PRINTING 101 Ultraviolet (UV) printing uses a different type of ink than conventional print methods. Instead of liquid ink, UV printing uses a dual-state substance which stays in liquid form until it’s exposed to UV light.

What is UV inkjet printing?

A UV inkjet printer uses a UV digital printing process to apply a 2D digital image to a 3D object. A UV inkjet printer propels tiny droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, glass, metal and other substrates in order to form an image through the use of an ink delivery system, also known as a print head.

Can UV print on glass?

UV digital printing on glass is a revolutionary technology which leads to quick, professional results at a low cost per print. Just like with decals, there is no drying necessary, which means products are immediately ready for shipping.

Can UV printer print on plastic bags?

Spot UV printing is a deluxe technique that can enhance the appearance of printed plastic bags, printed laminated bags, business cards, greeting cards, brochures and so much more!

What type of ink does a UV printer use?

ultra-violet ink
UV Printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet ink. As the printer distributes the ink on the material (known as “substrate”) specially designed UV lights cure and dry it instantly.

Does UV printing last?

UV printing can last for at least 2 years without experiencing any fading.