What role does Diggory Venn play in Return of the Native?

What role does Diggory Venn play in Return of the Native?

Because of his desire to help Thomasin, Diggory adopts the role as the book’s primary meddler. For someone who is such a loner, Diggory really gets into everyone else’s business. Diggory actually plays a big role in moving the novel’s plot along, which contrasts to his status as an outcast.

Who wrote the poem the return of the nature?

In the twentieth century, The Return of the Native became one of Hardy’s most popular and highly regarded novels….The Return of the Native.

Title page, Macmillan edition, 1929
Author Thomas Hardy
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Novel

What is the conclusion of The Return of the Native?

Damon Wildeve Engaged to Thomasin, he has a long-standing affair with Eustacia. In fact, he decides to drop Thomasin for Eustacia; instead, Eustacia breaks off their affair and he marries Thomasin.

Who was egdon?

Egdon Resources plc is an independent onshore focused oil and gas exploration and production business.

Who is the real hero in The Return of the Native?

Clym Yeobright, the protagonist of The Return of the Native, returned from Paris leaving behind his diamond business there to Egdon Heath, a small village in England where his family lived. He returned to Egdon Heath because he loved the place and he wanted to pass the rest of his life with his mother Mrs.

What is the main conflict in Return of the Native?

The conflict between Clym and Wildeve is for the most part played down; it develops significance only when Clym feels that Wildeve’s presence is the reason his mother was kept out of the house. Antagonist: Clym’s antagonist is trying to find a peaceful existence on Egdon Heath after his “return as the native”.