What scope was used on the Mosin-Nagant?

What scope was used on the Mosin-Nagant?

PU scope
The PU scope (ПУ, прицел укороченный, ‘Scope short-cut’ in comparison to PE/PEM telescopic sight) is a 3.5×21 telescopic sight of Soviet manufacture, widely used since 1940 on the SVT-40 rifle for which it was originally designed and since 1942 on the Mosin–Nagant rifle.

How much is for Mosin-Nagant scope?

The Hi–Lux Optics Long Eye Relief Scopes for Mosin Nagant Rifles cost about $140 to $160 online depending on where you purchase is from. If you don’t need much more than the basics in a long eye relief scope, then look no further than this baby.

What scope was used in WW2?

British and Soviet scopes were 3.5X and the U.S. and Japan favored 2.5X. Some later Japanese Type 99s did get 4X scopes and the U.S. Marine Corps put 8X scopes on Model 1903 Springfields, but considered the combination as less than perfect.

Were Mosin-Nagants used in WW2?

At the beginning of the war, the Mosin–Nagant 91/30 was the standard issue weapon of Soviet troops and millions of the rifles were produced and used in World War II by the largest mobilized army in history.

Can you put a scope on a Mosin infantry?

The Tri-Rail and the MNG mount do not work for it, even though they do work for the Mosin Infantry rifle. Carbine length Mosin uses a different rear sight to the full size Mosin, so the scope mounts aren’t compatible.

Did soldiers have scopes in WW2?

Most of the scopes used during World War Two were built by Enfield and identified as the No. 32 (Mk 1-3). The scope had originally been designed to fit on a BREN machine gun, so robustness wasn’t a problem. It was capable of hits out to about 800 yards, but 600 yards was a more realistic number.

Did WW2 weapons have scopes?

By World War II the reflector sight was being used on many types of weapons besides aircraft, including anti-aircraft guns, naval guns, anti-tank weapons, and many other weapons where the user needed the simplicity and quick target acquisition nature of the sight.

Did German snipers prefer the Mosin-Nagant?

In fact, German snipers reportedly preferred captured Mosin-Nagants to their own Mauser Karabiner 98k rifles. Although the Soviets also adapted the semiautomatic Tokarev SVT-40 for sniper use, it proved less accurate than the proven Mosin-Nagant, which ultimately eclipsed it.

Is the Mosin Nagant in Battlefield 1?

The Mosin-Nagant M91 is a weapon that was introduced in Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion for the Scout class. The Mosin-Nagant M91 statistically is almost identical to the Russian 1895 with the few differences manifesting in rate of fire and reload times.

Can you put a modern scope on a Mosin Nagant?

You’d need a modern, professional scope because those iron sights, while fine for hunkering down in your foxhole staring over at German lines on a cold Stalingrad night, just don’t do much to bring out the amazing accuracy the Mosin Nagant.

What is the effective range of a Mosin Nagant?

M91 (Model 1891) The “original” version of the gun is the M91 or M1891. This is the original design submitted by Capt.

  • Dragoon/Cossack.
  • M91/30.
  • M38 (carbine) The M38 version was adopted in 1938 by the Russian army.
  • M44 (carbine) Designed to replace the M38 version of the Mosin Nagant,the M44 officially came out in 1944.
  • M91/59.
  • M91/38.
  • Obrez.
  • Is a Mosin Nagant a good hunting rifle?

    They are fun, tough, and capable 30 caliber rifles. There’s something about the setup that I really like. The Mosin Nagant is a good hunting rifle for large game. The Mosin is equivalent to traditional 30-06 and .308 hunting rifle.

    What can you hunt with a Mosin Nagant?

    Bulletgrubber – Recover unfired round when performing partial reloads (applies to Specter,Mosin-Nagant and Dolch 96 variants).

  • Without Bulletgrubber trait reloading the weapon without emptying the magazine first ( partial reload) will cause one round to pop out (and become lost).
  • Performing partial reload is slower than full reload.