What Supreme Court cases are still pending?

What Supreme Court cases are still pending?

October Term 2021 cases

Case Docket no. Certiorari granted
Berger v. North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP 21-248 November 24, 2021
Biden v. Texas 21-954 February 18, 2022
Carson v. Makin 20-1088 July 2, 2021
Concepcion v. United States 20-1650 September 30, 2021

Which is the longest pending case in India?

The oldest pending case before a Constitution Bench is the case of Central Board of Dawoodi Bohra Community v. State of Maharashtra which has been pending since February 28, 1986 (13,135 days).

How many cases are there in Supreme Court of India?

According to reports that cited data from the National Judicial Data Grid and the Supreme Court, at present there are 3.9 crore cases pending in the district and subordinate courts, 58.5 lakh cases in the various high courts, and more than 69,000 cases in the Supreme Court.

Why are so many cases pending in India?

The backbone of pending case is the number of cases increasing day by day and the disposal rate of subordinate Court is very low, because of the less number of the judges, absenteeism of judges, process of trial of a case, strikes by advocates, frequent transfer of judges etc. in subordinate courts.

Which is the oldest court case in India?

India’s longest pending case is older than its courts. The case: According to the National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG), case number AST/1/1800 of the Calcutta High Court is shown as possibly the oldest case with the case year mentioned as 1800.

Which country has most pending cases?

The country with the highest number of pending cases before the European Court of Human Rights, by the end of 2020, was Russia, with a total of 13,645 cases.

How many cases are still pending in India?

Over 4.70 crore cases are pending in various courts in the country, including 70,154 in the Supreme Court, Lok Sabha was informed on Friday.

How many cases are pending in India today?

How many cases are pending in courts in India?

Many of these cases are pending for more than 10 years. Below are the approximate number of cases pending in Supreme Court, High Courts and District and Subordinate courts in India. Around 60,000 cases are pending in Supreme Court. Around 42 lakh cases are pending in different High Courts.

Why are there so many cases in the Indian courts?

The Indian Judicial system has miserably failed to attract the best brains and the talented students. As the quality of judges in lower courts is not always up to the mark, appeals are filed against the decisions in higher courts, which again increases the number of cases.

How to contact Supreme Court of India?

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Why is there so much litigation in India?

There is too much litigation from the Government Side The government is the largest litigant in India, responsible for nearly half the pending cases. Many of them are actually cases of one department of the government suing another, leaving decision-making to the courts.