What technology does Spain have?

What technology does Spain have?

Spain is fast becoming a leader in innovation and generating advanced solutions in the industries of aerospace, renewable energies, water treatment, rail, biotechnology, industrial machinery and civil engineering.

What technological innovations did Spain have?

Other useful everyday Spanish inventions include the first modern version of the stapler (Juan Solozabal and Juan Olive), the first mechanical pencil sharpener (Ignacio Urresti), the classical guitar, and packaged cigarettes, among many others. Spanish inventions also include items with a fun flare.

How many people use technology in Spain?

There were 42.54 million internet users in Spain in January 2021. The number of internet users in Spain increased by 144 thousand (+0.3%) between 2020 and 2021. Internet penetration in Spain stood at 91.0% in January 2021.

Does Spain have access to technology?

In 2020, 96 percent of households in Spain had access to the internet. This was an increase of four percent in comparison to the previous year. The overall share of households in Spain with internet access was three percent higher than the average of the European Union (EU-27).

What is the contribution of Spain in science and technology?

Spanish science had contributed to the discovery of two – platinum and tungsten – of the 21 chemical elements identified in the 18th century and then to that of vanadium in 1801; but played no part in the discovery of another 50 elements during the rest of the 19th century.

What do people in Spain use the Internet for?

Watching videos appears in second place (81.3% of users) and checking maps is the third most frequent activity (72.1%). Checking the weather, listening to music or watching films or shows are other frequent activities of Spanish Internet users.

How much time do people in Spain spend on social media?

Social media: most daily used socila media in Spain in 2020 In 2020, Internet users accessed WhatsApp and Twitch around 100 minutes a day, which places these social networks in the first and second position of the rank respectively, ahead even of Facebook, which was accessed around 67 minutes a day.

How many people in Spain have computers?

Around 95.8 percent of four members households owned at least a computer in Spain from February to May 2020, which represented the highest share among the rest of household sizes. In contrast, one member households registered approximately 70 percent.

What did Spain contribute to the New World?

The conquistadors built homes, farms, chapels and other buildings using building patterns and designs similar to those in Europe. The soldiers also brought new weapons that helped the indigenous people fish and hunt with greater ease.

What is Spain famous for in science and Technology?

Science, Innovation and Technology. Spain is fast becoming a leader in innovationand generating advanced solutions in the industries ofgenerating advanced solutions in the industries of aerospace, renewable energies, water treatment, rail, biotechnology, industrial machinery and civil engggineering.

What is new technologies in Spain?

New technologies in Spain is a multi-part series highlighting Spanish innovation and is produced by Technology Review’s custom-publishing division in partnership with the Trade Commission of Spain.

How does Spain’s science and Technology Sector Compare with other countries?

When the figures for scientific and technological production are adjusted to reflect levels of investment in R&D, the performance of Spain’s science and technology sector compares favourably with those of Germany, France and the USA.

What is the scope of Spain’s history with science and Technology?

The scope of Spain’s history with science and technology generally overlaps with the history of science and the history of technology of human history, particularly in Europe.