What was the best fight between Ali and Frazier?

What was the best fight between Ali and Frazier?

Joe Frazier beat Muhammad Ali in the Fight of the Century at Madison Square Garden on a Monday night in March 1971 to become the greatest boxer on the planet in a fight that stopped the world. The two boxers made $2.5million each, they were unbeaten as fighters and they met on a stage in a ring lit by history.

What did Ali say to Frazier during the fight?

At one point during the fight, Ali told Frazier, “God wants you to lose tonight. ” Shot back Frazier, “Tell your God he’s in the wrong house tonight.” For much of the fight, Ali retreated to the ropes.

Who was better Ali or Frazier?

Comparison chart

Joe Frazier Muhammad Ali
Wins 32 56
Wins by KO 27 37
Losses 4 5
Draws 1 0

Did Frazier ever forgive Ali?

Even when he did finally say he forgave Ali, Frazier still managed to take subtle shots at his rival. It’s unfortunate that the two never fully reconciled before Frazier’s death in 2011. But that didn’t keep Ali from showing up to the funeral and applauding one last time for his longtime nemesis.

Did Frazier forgive Ali?

But time did heal the emotional wounds and even though Frazier has died relatively young, he did forgive Ali, ultimately subscribing to the most fundamental of the Christian ideals to which he followed to the end.

What did Muhammad Ali say to Frazier after the fight?

“Muhammad, you’re beautiful,” a young white man shouted from the fringe. “You’ll be back. You’re coming back.” Ali turned towards him and winked above the hard ball of swelling on his right cheek. As the car edged out and swung tentatively across to the other side of the street, someone muttered that after all Frazier had won the fight.

What did Joe Frazier say at the end of his fight?

When Frazier staggered back, his mouth open in an almost drunken grin, after taking jolting hooks and uppercuts to the head, the fight seemed to have swung decisively. But all this time, in his most frustrating moments, one simple statement could be read into everything Frazier did: “My time is coming.”

Could Joe Frazier have won more than two rounds?

Despite a substantial improvement in Frazier’s work by the third, he could not, in my judgement, have won more than two or – at the absolute outside – three rounds up to and including the ninth.

What did Muhammad Ali do with the newspaper?

He would talk quietly for a while and then fall into silence, glancing absently through a newspaper . Three men who said they were from Blackpool, and gave no reason to question it, had come to deliver an obscenely large stick of rock with “Muhammad Ali” printed through it.