What year did the Eagles beat the Cowboys 44 6?

What year did the Eagles beat the Cowboys 44 6?

2008, 44-6.

What is the Cowboys record vs the Eagles?

In the all-time record, Cowboys lead vs Eagles with a 71-54 (3-1 postseason), both in favor of Dallas. In NFC East Division titles, the Cowboys also take the prize with a 21-11 record vs Philadelphia.

How many games did the Dallas Cowboys win in 2011?

The 2011 Dallas Cowboys season was the franchise’s 52nd season in the National Football League, the third playing their home games at Cowboys Stadium and the first full season under head coach Jason Garrett….

2011 Dallas Cowboys season
Home field Cowboys Stadium
Record 8–8
Division place 3rd NFC East

Do the Eagles beat the Cowboys in Silver Linings Playbook?

In the movie, tension mounts with the teams tied 3-3. In real life, there was a tight 2008 game in which the Eagles beat the Cowboys to make the playoffs. But unlike the film, the Eagles won’t have a happy ending in 2012: The team is lousy, and Jackson is injured.

Who was Cowboys QB for 2011?

Tony Romo

Pos Player Age
QB Tony Romo 31
RB Felix Jones 24
RB DeMarco Murray 23
WR Miles Austin 27

Did the Cowboys make the playoffs in 2011?

Did the 2011 Dallas Cowboys make the Playoffs? No, the Cowboys didn’t make the Playoffs in 2011.

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