When can an adjourned annual general meeting be held?

When can an adjourned annual general meeting be held?

A company must hold its AGM within a period of six months from the end of the financial year. However, in the case of a first annual general meeting, the company can hold the AGM in less than nine months from the end of the first financial year.

Which of the following report must be prepared to comply with Section 165 of the Companies Act?

Statutory meeting and statutory report of company.

Can a Board Meeting be adjourned?

In the case where the board meeting could not take place due to the lack of the quorum, the board meeting shall be adjourned. This is subject to the Articles of Association of the company. Therefore as long as the articles of the company states otherwise the meeting will be adjourned.

What are the rules of adjourning the meeting?

The basic rules for adjournment are:

  • A board member cannot interrupt a speaker who has the floor.
  • A motion to adjourn must be seconded.
  • A motion to adjourn is not debatable or amendable.
  • A motion to adjourn must have a majority vote.

What is Indian Companies Act 1956?

In India, the Companies Act, 1956, is the most important piece of legislation that empowers the Central Government to regulate the formation, financing, functioning and winding up of companies. The Act contains the mechanism regarding organizational, financial, and managerial, all the relevant aspects of a company.

What is the time limit for conducting statutory meeting?

A statutory meeting should be held between a minimum period of one month and a maximum period of six months after the commencement of business of the company. A meeting before a period of one month cannot be considered as a statutory meeting of the company.

What are the changes made in Companies Act, 2013?

Major Changes brought by the. Companies Act, 2013.

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  • Increased Regulatory Framework. Wider Director and Management Responsibility.
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  • How do you adjourn a Board Meeting?

    The chair can start the process by asking – can I have a motion to adjourn the meeting? A member of the board needs to table the motion. The chair typically then asks for a show of hands to show either who’s in favour, or against. Then once consensus is reached states: “I declare the meeting adjourned.”