When did White Sox win World Series?

When did White Sox win World Series?

20054–0 – Houston Astros
19174-2 – New York Giants19064-2 – Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox/World Series championships

The White Sox have won three World Series titles, two in the early 1900s (1906, 1917) and the third 88 years later, in 2005. They are often referred to as the “South Siders,” a reference to their location in relation to Chicago’s other major league team, the Cubs.

Did the White Sox win the championship?

They also became the only team in Major League Baseball to win both National and American League championship after they defeated the New York Yankees in the 2017 ALCS.

What years did the White Sox make the playoffs?

MLB Team History – Chicago White Sox Season Results

Postseason Results
2005 World Series Houston Astros
2005 League Championship Series Los Angeles Angels
2005 League Divisional Series Boston Red Sox

How many times have the White Sox made the playoffs since 2005?

This will mark the 12th time that the White Sox have competed in the postseason, and they’ll be hoping to get back to the American League Championship Series for the first time since 2005. Stay informed during the severe weather season with our local news and weather app.

Who is the White Sox best player?

1. Frank Thomas (1990-2005) “The Big Hurt” won back-to-back American League MVPs in 1993 and 1994, and we’ve deemed him to be the greatest player in White Sox history.

Who threw the only perfect game in postseason history?

Don Larsen
Without that Monday in October, Don Larsen is an 81-91 pitcher with 14 big league seasons to his credit. But on Oct. 8, 1956, Larsen carved his name into the American sports landscape by pitching the first perfect game in postseason history.