Where can I find architectural competitions?

Where can I find architectural competitions?

archi | Best place to find current Architectural Competitions, lists various worldwide architectural contests and results for architects, landscape architects, urban planers and students.

Who is Kaira Looro?

Kaira Looro is a non-profit architecture competition organized to raise awareness among the international community on emergency issues and support charity projects.

What are the types of architectural competitions?

Competition types

  • Open competitions (international, national or regional) or limited, selected, non-open competitions, depending on who is allowed to participate.
  • Project competitions or ideas competitions: depending on the intention of building the project or generating new ideas.

What design can do competition?

What Design Can Do (WDCD) launches the No Waste Challenge, a global design competition calling for radical solutions to reduce waste. This global design competition calls on all creatives and innovators to address the enormous impact of waste and consumerism on climate change.

What design can no waste?

What Design Can Do has partnered with the Ikea Foundation to launch an international open call to creatives to solve our planet’s problem with waste. The No Waste Challenge asks for design-driven solutions to reduce waste and rethink the way we buy, sell and use resources on the planet.

What is an international competition in architecture?

The international, single stage architectural design project competition with an open pre-qualification followed by a restricted procedure is conducted according to the UNESCO Standard Regulations for International Competitions in Architecture and Town Planning and the UIA best practice recommendations.

What is the International Architecture&Design Awards?

The International Architecture & Design Awards is hosted by Architecture & Design Community (ADC), with a jury consisting of top figures in the world of architecture and design. Consequently, the International Architecture & Design Awards enjoy unprecedented prestige and coverage.

What does the International Union of architects do?

The International Union of Architects has many years of experience overseeing and assisting in the organisation of international competitions in architecture and urban planning.

How does the design competition work?

The Design Competition is a two-stage process. Expressions of Interest will be sought at the first phase, following which a shortlist of up to six design teams will be selected and issued with the competition brief and from the design submissions the winning team will be selected.