Where does the X30 stop in Newcastle?

Where does the X30 stop in Newcastle?

Route map

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Newcastle Eldon Square ‘Stand E’ 08:15 09:15
Newcastle Central Station ‘Stop E’ 08:21 09:21
Dunston Monument 08:29 09:29
Whickham Harry Clasper 08:34 09:34

Does the X30 run all night?

X30 bus operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Where does the X30 stop in Rayleigh?

Stansted Airport – Southend Travel Centre via Chelmsford Bus Station

Stansted Airport Coach Station (Bay 17)
Rayleigh, opp Railway Station 05:14 06:14
Eastwood Rise (adj) 05:20 06:20
Eastwood Rochford Corner (E-bound) 05:23 06:23
Leigh-on-Sea Kent Elms Corner North (S-bound) 05:25 06:25

How much is the X30 to Chelmsford?

42A is replaced by X10 / X30 between Chelmsford and Stansted, Monday to Saturday….Revised Fares.

Adult Period Return Stansted Airport Dunmow
Chelmsford 16.00 8.20*

Where does the X30 stop in Chelmsford?

The X30 bus (Chelmsford City Centre) has 15 stops departing from Coach Station, Stansted Airport and ending in Bus Station, Chelmsford City Centre. X30 bus timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 04:05 and ends at 06:00. Normal operating days: everyday.

How much is the X30 to Stansted?

X30 – Southend to Stansted Airport (operated by First Essex) Transport for London Services 20, 167, 397 & 498….Sunday Saver – unlimited Sunday bus travel for just £4.30!

Ticket Type Current Price
Single adult £4.30
Single child £2.20
Family £10.80

Where is the X30 bus stop at Stansted?

Bus services – approved onsite Between Southend to Stansted Airport via Southend Airport and Chelmsford. The X30 bus stop is next to The Holiday Inn just a short walk from the main terminal.