Where is Florennum in Swordigo?

Where is Florennum in Swordigo?

  1. Overseer’s Lair.
  2. Greyhedge Village.
  3. Chambers of The Flame.
  4. Chambers of Power.
  5. Florennum.

How do I get the Dungeon of Florennum key?

There is a key here that must be obtained to progress. Hit the switches left and right to shift the towers, then jump at the very end to open the barrier blocking the switch. It may take a few tries, but eventually, you should get the key.

Where is the ice trinket in Swordigo?

The Trinket of Ice can be found in the City of Florennum in the Eastern Guard Tower. There is a secret way to the right to the platform behind what appears to be a wall. Avoid the falling pillars, but you will encounter a HUGE falling pillar that you can’t pass easily.

How do you get past the great caves in Swordigo?

The Great Caves is a set of caves you can pass through in different ways….Pre-Fiery Depths room

  1. Enter the portal in the middle on the left side. You get out through the lower portal on the right.
  2. Go through the lower portal on the left.
  3. Enter the lower portal on the right.
  4. Enter the upper portal on the right.

How do you get 100 in Swordigo?

Swordigo 100% completion list

  1. Defeat the Master of Chaos. Its fighting prowess is among the hardest in the game, but it is necessary to reach 100%.
  2. Collect every treasure. Most of the treasures require well timed jumps, but a few require a minor boss defeated.
  3. Discover every location.

How do you get the sword in Swordigo?

The Broad Sword is available to buy at the marketplace in the city of Florennum later in the game for 200 soul shards. The Thorn is found in Greyhedge Village after defeating a boss inside the locked building at the top of the village.

What are the purple things in Swordigo?

In order to reach the highest point you need to have unlocked the Dragon’s Grasp spell. It acts as a sort of grappling hook and will latch on to that bright purple blob you see in the top right of the image.