Where was the Great Northern Beer ad filmed?

Where was the Great Northern Beer ad filmed?

The ‘Beer from Up Here’ campaign was filmed in a variety of locations in the Sunshine state, including Davies Creek Falls in Mareeba, Barron River at Big Sands, Upper and Lower Mossman Gorge at Mossman and the Daintree River Mouth, Port Douglas.

Who owns Great Northern Breweries?

Carlton & United Breweries
Great Northern is owned by Carlton & United Breweries, Australia’s biggest beer maker which commands almost 50 per cent market share.

Is Great Northern beer only in Australia?

The Great Northern Brewing Co., commonly known as Great Northern, brews a full and a mid strength Lager beer, owned by Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), it is brewed in Queensland at the CUB Yatala Brewery. It comes in 330mL “stubbies”, 375mL “tinnies” and 700mL “Tallies” (ie….Great Northern Brewing Co.

Type Beer
Website www.greatnorthern.com.au

Is Great Northern made in Australia?

β€œThe ongoing success of Great Northern is thanks in part to the loyalty of Cairns locals who supported us from the very beginning and have made ‘the beer from up here’ an iconic brand Australia-wide,” Mr Giles said.

Why is Great Northern so popular?

It showed there was life in the beer category and gave Asahi confidence. Great Northern, with a lighter, crisper style, has taken off after a national marketing push, which began in 2017. With two main products – with alcohol levels of 3.5 per cent and 4.2 per cent – it has become hugely popular.

Is Great Northern Beer full strength?

What is the alcohol content of Great Northern Beer? Great Northern Beer offers full strength and a mid-strength beer, these are 4.2% and 3.5% ABV.

Is Great Northern owned by Cub?

Japan’s Asahi Group surprised everyone on Friday with a $16 billion buyout proposal for CUB, which makes Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught, Great Northern and Pure Blonde.

Who is the Great Northern Brewery?

The Great Northern Brewery was established in Cairns in 1927 to brew beer specifically to suit the conditions up here.

How long did it take to build Great Northern Brewery?

The brewery was built over six months, from June to December in 1994 and officially opened its doors in January 1995. Minott Wessinger, great-great-grandson of Henry Weinhard, founder of Blitz-Weinhard Brewing of Portland, Oregon, started GNBC.

What happened to Great Northern Black Star Beer?

On February 6, 2010, fifteen years after the Great Northern Brewing Company was first built, Minott Wessinger and GNBC began to produce Black Star beer again. Subsequently, Great Northern has again ceased brewing Black Star.

Who brews beer in Far North Queensland?

Far North Queensland. The Great Northern Brewery was established in Cairns in 1927 to brew beer specifically to suit the conditions up here. In tribute to this brewery and its beer, the Great Northern Brewing Co. continues this tradition.