Which country is Macassar?

Which country is Macassar?


Coordinates: 5°7′S 119°25′E
Country Indonesia
Region Sulawesi
Province South Sulawesi

Where is Macassar ebony from?

Diospyros celebica (commonly known as black ebony or Makassar ebony) is a species of flowering tree in the family Ebenaceae that is endemic to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. The common name Makassar ebony is for the main seaport on the island, Makassar.

What is Macassar oil made from?

Macassar oil is often made with vegetable oils, such as coconut, palm or Kusum oil, combined with fragrant oils such as ylang-ylang. Macassar oil was so named because it was reputed to have been manufactured from ingredients purchased in the port of Makassar in the Dutch East Indies.

Who were the macassans of northern Australia?

Makassar people from the region of Sulawesi in Indonesia began visiting the coast of northern Australia sometime around the middle of the 18th century, first in the Kimberley region, and some decades later in Arnhem Land.

Is Macassar ebony expensive?

Pricing/Availability: Likely to be extremely expensive, along with most other Ebony members in the Diospyros genus. The tree grows slowly, has a very limited natural habitat, and is highly desired for the wood’s aesthetic appeal and toughness.

Is Macassar ebony real ebony?

Macassar Ebony Lumber is also known as Striped Ebony. The woods heartwood is black with reddish or brown streaks….Additional Information.

Weight 5.95 lbs
Milling Rough, S2S & SL1E, S4S

What was Macassar hair oil?

Macassar Oil was popular in the 1800s as a way to strengthen and smooth hair. It is a simple concoction typically made of scented olive or castor oil. The most popular kind was Rowland’s Macassar Oil.