Which is the biggest riots in India?

Which is the biggest riots in India?

The major incidences include the 1969 Gujarat riots, 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the 1989 Bhagalpur riots, 1989 Kashmir violence, Godhra train burning, 2002 Gujarat riots, 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots and 2020 Delhi riots.

Why are there riots in Assam?

Ethnic tensions between Bodos and Bengali-speaking Muslims escalated into a riot in Kokrajhar on 20 July 2012, when illegal migrant Muslims killed four Bodo youths at Joypur. This was followed by retaliatory attacks on local Muslims killing two and injuring several of them on the morning of 21 July 2012.

How many people were killed in Gujarat riots 2002?

1,044 dead
According to official figures, the riots ended with 1,044 dead, 223 missing, and 2,500 injured. Of the dead, 790 were Muslim and 254 Hindu. The Concerned Citizens Tribunal Report, estimated that as many as 1,926 may have been killed. Other sources estimated death tolls in excess of 2,000.

How many died in Delhi riots?

53 people
Of the 53 people killed, two-thirds were Muslims who were shot, slashed with repeated blows, or set on fire. The dead also included a policeman, an intelligence officer and over a dozen Hindus, who were shot or assaulted.

What is Bodo conflict?

Nabla faction, People’s Joint Action Committee for Boroland Movement (PJACBM) which is an amalgamation of over three dozen Bodo organisations and its supporters are demanding from the Government of India that a separate state (within the Indian Union) be created comprising the seven districts of Kokrajhar, Chirang.

How many Muslims killed Assam?

The Nellie killings took place in central Assam during a six-hour period in the morning of 18 February 1983….

Nellie Massacre
Date 18 February 1983
Target Bengal-origin Muslims
Attack type Deportation, mass murder
Deaths 2,191+ , 10,000+ (unofficial)

Who was behind Godhra train burning?

As many as 253 witnesses were examined during the trial and over items of 1500 documentary evidences were presented to the court. On 24 July 2015, the prime accused in the Godhra case, Hussain Suleman Mohammad, was arrested by the Godhra crime branch from Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh.