Which scenario is an example of instrumental aggression?

Which scenario is an example of instrumental aggression?

If the aggressor believes that there is an easier way to obtain the goal, the aggression would probably not occur. A bully who hits a child and steals her toys, a terrorist who kills civilians to gain political exposure, and a hired assassin are all good examples of instrumental aggression.

Why is it called instrumental aggression?

Instrumental aggression is a form of aggression where the primary aim is not to inflict pain on the victim but to reach some other goal where aggression is merely incidental.

Which type of personality generally engage in instrumental aggression?

Women typically display instrumental forms of aggression, with their aggression serving as a means to an end (Dodge & Schwartz, 1997). For example, women may express their aggression covertly, for example, by communication that impairs the social standing of another person.

What is instrumental aggression in sport?

Instrumental aggression is when the main aim is achieve a goal by using aggression. For example a rugby player using aggression to tackle his opponent to win the ball. The player is not using his aggression to hurt the opponent but rather to win the ball back.

What are the four theories of aggression?

Major domain-limited theories of aggression include cognitive neoassociation, social learning, social interaction, script, and excitation trans- fer theories.

What are examples of instrumental aggression?

Terrorist attacks are examples of instrumental aggression because they are so often calculated. They’re used to express a larger statement or achieve an otherwise questionable goal.

Is instrumental aggression related to narcissism?

While not always related, instrumental aggression is a common symptom of a narcissistic personality. People often act out instrumental aggression as a means of acquiring or reaching a goal. Again, this is not always the case.

What are the two types of aggression?

There are two primary types of aggression: instrumental aggression and impulsive aggression. Instrumental aggression is differentiated from impulsive aggression because it’s usually aggression that is planned and goal oriented.