Who does Easton sponsor?

Who does Easton sponsor?

Easton, now under the umbrella of parent company Rawlings Sporting Goods, will continue to be the title sponsor of the NFCA’s Assistant Coach of the Year award and its Scholar-Athlete All-America and Team GPA honors.

How do you get sponsors for a travel softball team?

How to Score a Sponsorship for Your Youth Sports Team

  1. Start with who you know. When trying to find sponsors for your team, don’t overlook the obvious – your team.
  2. Go into the local community.
  3. Ask national companies.
  4. Be digitally savvy.
  5. Create a package.
  6. Be professional and personal.

How do you get sponsored by Rawlings?

If you’d like to take your company to the top, call the agents at AthletePromotions.com at 888-246-7141 or fill out our online athlete endorsement form and we can assist you in securing a sports star for an Endorsement Deal. >>>

Does Easton sponsor LLWS?

Under this new, long-term partnership, Easton Baseball/Softball will continue to be the Official Team Equipment Supplier to Little League Baseball and Softball, with support provided to all nine Little League World Series (LLWS) events.

Does Rawlings own Easton?

Share: In a major acquisition in the team sports business, Rawlings Sporting Goods is acquiring Easton Diamond Sports, a merger of two of the leading softball and baseball sporting goods companies.

Who is sponsored by Rawlings?

Rawlings is the Official Ball Supplier and Batting Helmet of Major League Baseball®, the official baseball of Minor League Baseball™ and the NCAA®, and the approved baseball, basketball, football and softball of the National High School Federation®.

How do I get an athletic sponsorship?

5 easy steps to help your athletes find sponsors

  1. Understand why companies sponsor.
  2. Prepare by building an audience.
  3. Decide what kind of sponsorship your athletes want.
  4. Find out who to contact.
  5. Make contact.