Who has done a double bagel in tennis?

Who has done a double bagel in tennis?

Lindsay Davenport bt Maria Sharapova (2005) At the 2005 Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells, Davenport inflicted a double bagel on the then world No. 3 Maria Sharapova in the semi final thats right, its even happened to MaSha.

Who has the best tennis forehand?

Roger Federer Many refer to him as the greatest of all time, and for good reason. Roger Federer possesses one of the most technically perfect forehands the world has ever seen.

Who is the god of tennis?

Roger Federer
Roger Federer, the god of tennis, returns to Mount Olympus.

What is Roger Federer’s forehand like?

The Roger Federer forehand – a thing of beauty, the most natural looking shot in the game of tennis but also one of the most devastating and versatile shots to ever grace the sport. The Federer forehand is a shot that’s helped the Swiss legend win 17 Grand Slams and dominate the sport like no other player before him.

How does Roger Federer create pace and timing in his play?

Perhaps the most important aspect to create pace and timing is how perfectly still he is able to keep his head; Roger’s eyes are focused firmly on where he made contact with the ball.

What is Roger Federer’s grip?

Federer uses an Eastern Forehand Grip Federer uses a slightly modified eastern grip, it lies somewhere between the traditional eastern forehand grip and the standard semi-western grip. This grip means Federer can hit through the ball and take the ball on the up; allowing him to step inside the court and dictate play against his opponents.

How do you play aggressive tennis like Federer?

When you play aggressively like Federer it’s important you give yourself enough room to hit the ball freely and make contact with it as far out in front of you as possible. Federer does this by utilising great footwork and using what’s called a straight-arm forehand; whereby the arm is virtually straight on contact.