Who has played Other Voices?

Who has played Other Voices?

The programme has had a range of presenters since the first series began in 2003, including Glen Hansard (season 1), Jerry Fish (season 2), John Kelly (seasons 3–7), Jenny Huston (season 6, alongside Kelly), Annie Mac (seasons 7–8, 14-present), Aidan Gillen (seasons 10–13) and Huw Stephens (seasons 13-present).

Did Amy Winehouse play in Dingle?

In the wake of Amy Winehouse’s death on July 23, 2011, at the shockingly young age of 27, her family took solace in her astonishing 2006 appearance on RTÉ’s Other Voices, in the tiny Church of St James in Dingle.

Why did Amy Winehouse go to Dingle?

Back in 2006, on a stormy December night, Amy Winehouse flew to a remote corner in the south-west of Ireland to perform for Other Voices, a highly acclaimed Irish TV music series filmed in Dingle every winter. Amy took to the stage of Saint James’s church (capacity 85) and performed for a little over 20 minutes.

Is Other Voices on in Dingle this year?

Other Voices Twenty | Live + online | 25 – 28 November 2021 This November, after two years of distance, we’re thrilled to announce we’re coming home to Dingle to celebrate our twentieth year, live and online.

Who played Other Voices Dingle?

Other Voices: Hozier, Sigrid and Fontaines DC on two decades of the Dingle music festival

  • David Gray celebrated 20 years since the release of his album White Ladder at Other Voices in 2020.
  • Norwegian singer Sigrid performing in St James’ church in Other Voices 2017.

Who runs Other Voices?

Other Voices is produced by South Wind Blows – Ireland’s leading creative production company who have been at the forefront of music television + cultural programming for over 30 years.

When did Amy Winehouse perform in Dingle?

Back in 2006 on a stormy December night, Amy Winehouse flew to the remote, south western corner of Ireland to perform for Other Voices, an acclaimed Irish TV music series filmed in Dingle every winter.

When did Amy Winehouse play at Dingle?

How do you get tickets to other voices?

Can I buy tickets for the IMRO Other Room? There will be no audience for the IMRO Other Room performances, however they will all be streamed online. As always tickets for the Church of St James will not be for sale. The only way to get your hands on these is by winning competitions – more on that soon.

Who presents other voices?

Presented by May Kay and Huw Stephens, featured acts in this 10-week season of Other Voices include Hozier, Fontaines D.C., Elbow, Pillow Queens, Rhiannon Giddens, For Those I Love and more.

Who hosts Other Voices?

Hosted by Huw Stephens and Kizzy Crawford, Other Voices Cardigan is a collaborative stream brought to you by South Winds Blows, Mwldan and Triongl.