Who is the German guy in pitch perfect 2?

Who is the German guy in pitch perfect 2?

star Flula Borg
YouTube star Flula Borg, 33, is enjoying his biggest moment ever after the release of Pitch Perfect 2, in which he plays one of the leaders of the German a capella troupe Das Sound Machine.

How old is Flula Borg?

40 years (March 28, 1982)Flula Borg / Age

Where is Flula Borg from?

Erlangen, GermanyFlula Borg / Place of birthErlangen is a Middle Franconian city in Bavaria, Germany. It is the seat of the administrative district Erlangen-Höchstadt, and with 113,758 inhabitants, it is the smallest of the eight major cities in Bavaria. Wikipedia

How did Flula Borg get famous?

To grab Hollywood’s attention, Flula turned to YouTube to share his original songs, creative remixes, and exploration of American culture and language, quickly amassing over 780K subscribers, 90 million views, and earning recognition as one of Variety’s “Ten Comics to Watch.” Several of his videos went viral, including …

Who is the guy in Das Sound Machine?

Flula Borg
As you know, in the film, the fearless leader is named Pieter Krämer — but, IRL, his name is actually Flula Borg, and if he looks familiar to you, that’s actually because he’s kind of a big deal on YouTube. Yep — Flula Borg.

Who plays Skiptracer Randy?

It was none other than Skip Tracer Randy in the flesh, played by German actor and comedian Flula Borg. From that introduction, it was clear that Randy was going to be entertaining.

Who is DAS sound machine in real life?

Who is the voice of mega fat CEO baby?

Flula BorgMega Fat CEO Baby / Voiced by

Who is Flula Borg?

Flula Borg (German: [flʊla bɔɐ̯k]) (born 28 March 1982), is a German actor, musician, comedian, YouTube personality, and DJ who is also known simply as Flula (sometimes stylized as f|u|a) or DJ Flula. He lives in Los Angeles.

Is Das Sound Machine in Pitch Perfect a real group?

If you’re wondering if the a capella groups featured in Pitch Perfect 2 are real groups, then wonder no more. They absolutely are.