Who is the husband of Obavva?

Who is the husband of Obavva?

Kahale Mudda Hanuma was a humble soldier of Chitradurga who was deputed over the fort. His duty was to keep a watch on the fort from his spot and alert the soldiers if he spots anything fishy. Obavva was his wife. The couple lived in a small abode along the fort.

Who was Obavva answer?

Obavva is considered to be the epitome of Kannada pride. She was the wife of soldier Kahale Mudda Hanuma, who was the guard of the fort. She died fighting the troops of Hyder Ali who was a ruler of the Mysore Kingdom and father of Tipu Sultan.

Why do still remember Onake Obavva?

In the absence of watchmen of Chitradurga fort, soldiers of Hyder Ali managed to get in the fort but at the wife of watchman Namely Obavva killed all solders by wooden pestle one by one due to this reason we still remember Onake Obavva.

When did Onake Obavva born date?

The Karnataka government has announced that November 11 will be observed as Onake Obavva ”Jayanti”. New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday remembered 18th-century woman warrior Onake Obavva on her birth anniversary adding that Obavva is a symbol of “Nari Shakti”.

How many soldiers did Obavva killed?

After a truly exhausting amount of homicide, her thirsty husband wandered out for some water – only to find his bloodied, panting wife standing over a towering pile of corpses. In some tellings, by this point she had murdered upwards of a hundred men.

How did Madakari Nayaka died?

It was during his time that Haider Ali attacked the Chitradurga Fort leading to the heroics of “Onake Obavva”. Later having been betrayed by the Marathas and some local officers, Madakari Nayaka was defeated by Hyder Ali, taken prisoner and killed.

Is Onake Obavva freedom fighter?

Onake Obavva is celebrated as one of the fiercest women patriot and warrior along with female warriors like Kittur Chennamma, Keladi Chennamma and Abbakka Rani.

Is Onake Obavva is a freedom fighter?

Onake Obavva was a brave woman in the kingdom of Chitradurga in Karnataka, who single handed fought with the army of Hyder Ali. She just used a pestle called as Onake in Kannada and fought with the army.

Where was Keladi Chennamma born?

Keladi Chennamma was the queen of Keladi Kingdom in Karnataka. She took birth in the household of a man called Siddappa Shetty, who was a native merchant in the region of Kundapur, Karnataka….

Keladi Chennamma
Known for Fighting against Mughal emperor Aurangzeb
Spouse(s) Somashekhara Nayak

Who attacked Chitradurga Fort?

Hyder Ali
The fort was taken over for a short while by Hyder Ali at Chitradurga in 1779. The fort was captured by the British forces twenty years later, when they defeated his son Tipu Sultan….

Chitradurga Fort
Battles/wars Nayakas against Hyder Ali in 1760s, 1770s and 1799

Who betrayed Madakari Nayaka?

The principality of Chitradurga came to an end when its last ruler Madakari Nayaka V was overthrown treacherously by Hyder Ali in 1779. Madakari Nayaka was the son of Bharamappa Nayaka of Janakal Durga and succeeded Kasturi Rangappa Nayaka as the ruler of Chitradurga in 1754 at the age of twelve.

Who was Obavva?

Obavva was a completely ordinary woman who did something extraordinary, and who has gone down in history as one of the most celebrated female warriors of Karnataka, alongside the likes of Abbakka Rani and Kittur Chennamma. Obavva lived in a fort town called Chitradurga in Karnataka, India.

What is the story of Onake Obavva?

Onake Obavvana kindi inside Chitradurga Fort Onake Obavva (Kannada: ಒನಕೆ ಓಬವ್ವ, 18th Century) was a brave woman who fought the forces of Hyder Ali single-handedly with a pestle (Onake) in the kingdom of Chitradurga of Karnataka, India. Her husband was a guard of a watchtower in the rocky fort of Chitradurga.

How did Obavva collect the water from the pond?

During his meal he needed some water to drink, so his wife Obavva went to collect water in a pot from a pond which was near the hole in the rocks, halfway up the hill. She noticed the army trying to enter the fort through the hole.

What happened to Obavva’s husband?

Mudda Hanuma, Obavva’s husband, returned from lunch, was shocked to see Obavva standing with a blood stained Onake and several of the enemies’ dead bodies around her. Later, the same day, she was found dead either due to shock or having been killed by the enemy soldiers.