Who is the owner of Kirloskar?

Who is the owner of Kirloskar?

Kirloskar Group

Type Private
Founder Laxmanrao Kirloskar
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra, India
Area served Worldwide
Key people Sanjay Kirloskar (CMD, Kirloskar Brothers Limited) Atul C. Kirloskar (Chairman, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited) Rahul C. Kirloskar (Chairman, Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited)

Where did Kirloskar Brothers set their venture in Maharashtra?

This was followed, in 1946, with the setting up of Kirloskar Oil Engines at Khadki, near Pune.

Is Kirloskar a good company?

It’s a very good company. Good brand, feel proud to be a part of it. But Politics is there everywhere.

Who is Aditi Kirloskar?

Akshay Sahni, who is her husband Bharat’s younger brother is engaged to one of Pune’s most eligible singles- Aditi Kirloskar, the daughter of industrialists Atul and Aarti Kirloskar. The engagement was a low-key affair at the Kirloskar residence in Ganeshkhind Road, Pune last month.

Who invented Kirloskar Brothers to Maharashtra?

Laxmanrao Kirloskar, founder of the $2.1 billion Kirloskar Group, began with a bicycle repair and selling shop in Belgaum in 1888. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create the first Kirloskar product — an indigenous hand chaff cutter in 1901, and first iron plough in 1903.

What is the name of township set up in Maharashtra by Kirloskar Brothers?

Kirloskarwadi is an industrial township that developed around the Kirloskar Brothers Ltd factory in the Sangli district, in Maharashtra state, India. It is the second oldest industrial township in India.

What does Kirloskar mean?

“Here in Egypt, Kirloskar means pump,” she explained. Just as in India, Xerox means photo copier.

Is the second oldest township in India?

It is the second oldest industrial township in India….

Country India
State Maharashtra
District Sangli
Established 1910

When was Kirloskarvadi the township established?

The township of the Kirloskars — as the word literally means — was set up near Kolhapur in 1910 March 10 as Maharashtra’s second and the country’s third such project.