Who makes Allmand backhoe?

Who makes Allmand backhoe?

Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Briggs & Stratton Corporation acquires Allmand.

Where are Allmand backhoes made?

The company is located in Nebraska.

How much does a new Terramite backhoe cost?

Expect to pay upwards of $24,000 for a new T5, with additional costs for attachments, accessories, and special features. Pre-owned units start at around $8,400 for older models, all the way up to like-new prices for recent models with all the bells and whistles.

What happened to Terramite?

Terramite was founded in 1965 and its small backhoes were popular in the North American equipment rental industry. The owning Cunningham family sold the company to Coneqtec Universal Corp in 2008. Xu acquired the firm Aug. 31 of this year.

Can I get Allmand TLB service parts for my backhoe?

  Through this new arrangement you can once again obtain authorized Allmand TLB service parts for your now discontinued Allmand Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB). Our origins are as a rental agency so we understand what it’s like to have equipment down, and no reliable access to repair parts.   In fact that’s where we started this journey.

What’s new for Allmand tractor parts Home Products column?

For Allmand Tractor Parts Home Products column-1 New Cylinders Cylinder Seals Kits Non-Cylinder Hydraulics Filters Other Parts Decals Coming Soon

Why choose Allmand jobsite equipment?

With your success in mind, Allmand jobsite equipment is renowned for providing the lowest total cost of ownership — delivering superior serviceability, ease of use, durable construction and industry-leading resale value.

Is there any support for the Allmand TLB?

  In the process we found out how difficult it has become to get the right parts to fix these great tractors since Allmand discontinued support for the TLB models in April of 2016.   It is our goal at Allmandtractorparts.com to bridge that gap and provide service and repair parts for all of the Allmand TLB models.