Who plays Lady Cassandra?

Who plays Lady Cassandra?

Zoë Wanamaker
Zoë Wanamaker, Honorary CBE (born 13 May 1949) is an American-born British actress who lives and works in the United Kingdom. She played the Lady Cassandra O’Brien in the Doctor Who stories The End of the World and New Earth.

What happened to Zoe Wanamaker?

Since the BBC series, Zoë has starred in ITV drama Mr Selfridge as Princess Marie, another drama called Girlfriends and more notably in hit thriller Killing Eve. She will also be featuring in Shadow and Bone, an upcoming fantasy series for Netflix.

What age is Zoe Wanamaker?

73 years (May 13, 1949)Zoë Wanamaker / Age

Who is Zoë Wanamaker married to?

Gawn GraingerZoë Wanamaker / Spouse (m. 1994)Gawn Grainger is a British stage and screen actor, playwright and screenwriter. Wikipedia

Who plays Baghra?

Zoë WanamakerBaghra / Played by

Why did Janey leave My Family?

When two of the main cast left to expand their careers, most people thought My Family would rapidly die (Daniela Denby-Ashe who plays Janey had to be written out, as did the very popular Kris Marshall). The writers got around the issue by saying Janey went to university and Nick moved into his own place.

Who is Zoe wanamakers dad?

Sam WanamakerZoë Wanamaker / Father

How old is Miranda Richardson?

64 years (March 3, 1958)Miranda Richardson / Age

Who did Helen Mirren play in Harry Potter?

Was Helen Mirren in Harry Potter? No, despite the fact that many legendary performers appeared throughout the franchise, Helen Mirren never appeared in any of the eight movies.

Is Zoe Wanamaker Il?

In 1949, Wanamaker was born in New York City. Her father the American film director Sam Wanamaker (1919 -1993). Sam was born in Chicago to Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants.

What is Daniela Denby Ashe doing now?

Denby-ashe stopped playing her in 2003, then returned to the role a year later. She went on to play former pupil Lorraine Donnegan in Waterloo Road, having previously appeared in the show as a different character. More recently, she starred in two episodes of the BBC sitcom Mum in 2019.