Who were Gadulia Lohar?

Who were Gadulia Lohar?

Gadia Lohars (also known as Gaduliya Lohars or Rajput Lohar) are a nomadic community of Rajasthan, India. They are also found in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh.

How many types of Lohar?

Lohar are known by varied surnames in different regions. Maharashtra: Suryavanshi, Kale, Dharankar, Chavhan, Pawar, Panhalkar, Yande, Borkar, Ghotekar, Manekar, Dhuratkar, Nagare, Thorat, Ingle, Dangre, Upankar, Mane, Ighe, Lohar, Koshe, Waghodekar, Kumbare, Panvalkar, Dhole, Pakhale.

Who is Gadiya?

The Gadiya Lohars are a community of itinerant blacksmiths of North India. They trace their origins to Rajasthan, and can be easily recognised by their decorated carts (gadi) that serve as both home and mode of transport.

Is Lohar a scheduled caste?

The Supreme Court recently held that Lohar caste is not a Scheduled Tribe (STs) under the Central government’s list of STs and consequently, a notification by the Bihar government to issue Scheduled Tribe certificates to the Lohar community is liable to be quashed [Sunil Kumar Rai and ors v.

What is gotra Lohar?

Writers of the British Raj period often used the term Lohar as a synonym for blacksmith. There are various Gotra in hindu Lohar Caste which are given below :- Badgujar. Tanwar. Chauhan.

Is Lohar a Kshatriya?

Lohar or Lohara or Panchal or BlackSmith also called iron workers are social group of people in india. They are mainly associated with work as blacksmiths. they were rule over kashmir and entire India lohara dynasty(lohar vansh) or kshatriya lohar.

Are Lohar Mughals?

At this time, Sikh Lohars were merging with the Sikh Tarkhans to form a single Ramgarhia caste. While Muslim Lohar groups began to call themselves Mughals at around the same time.

Which category is Lohar?

This decision has been taken by the state government after the decision of the Supreme Court. It is noteworthy that in the year 2016, the Lohar caste in Bihar was removed from the category of extremely backward class and given the status of Scheduled Tribe.

Are Lohar Brahmins?

The Lohar of Madhya Pradesh come in General category and are also called Panchal brahmins (5 sub-castes) since Lohar is one of the five sub-castes of Vishwakarma.