Why are 2021 fertilizer prices high?

Why are 2021 fertilizer prices high?

Why did fertilizer prices increase in 2021? Both supply- and demand-side factors contributed. On the supply side, U.S. natural gas prices doubled between the summer of 2020 and the end of 2021, which significantly raised the cost of nitrogen production.

What is the current price of nitrogen fertilizer?

On a price per pound of nitrogen basis, the average urea price was at $1.04/lb. N, anhydrous $0.93/lb. N, UAN28 $1.09/lb. N and UAN32 $1.10/lb.

What does TSP fertilizer do?

TSP also contains 15 percent calcium (Ca), providing an additional plant nutrient. A major use of TSP is in situations where several solid fertilizers are blended together for broadcasting on the soil surface or for application in a concentrated band beneath the surface.

What are fertilizer prices for 2022?

Recommended for You MAP has an average price of $1,056/ton for the first week of April 2022. The all-time high price for this phosphorus fertilizer was set the first week of November 2008 at $1,079/ton, so we are only $23/ton away from setting a new all-time high price for MAP.

Will fertilizer prices go up in 2022?

Fertilizer Prices Mostly Higher in February as U.S. Farmers Feel the “Squeeze of Inflation” DTN writer Russ Quinn reported on Wednesday that, “Retail fertilizer prices continued to be mostly higher the first full week of February 2022, according to sellers surveyed by DTN.

What is the price of 28 nitrogen?

Nitrogen cost in 1 ton of 28% UAN = $225 ÷ 560 lbs N = 40 cents per lb N.

What is the cheapest fertilizer?

Urea (46-0-0) usually has the lowest cost per pound of nitrogen compared to other single-element nitrogen fertilizers.

What is the difference between TSP and SSP fertilizer?

The key difference between single superphosphate and triple superphosphate is that single superphosphate is produced from phosphate rock and sulfuric acid, whereas triple superphosphate is produced from phosphate rock and phosphoric acid. We can denote single superphosphate as SSP, while triple superphosphate as TSP.