Why are child soldiers used in Syria?

Why are child soldiers used in Syria?

With conflict raging since 2011, these groups turn to child populations to manage their shortage of combatants. By exploiting children in impoverished communities, groups use adults and other child victims to coerce and manipulate children into joining the armed forces.

Does Syria use child soldiers?

The report estimates that there are no less than 1,374 child soldiers in the Syrian regime forces ranks. In addition, at least 78 children being recruited into Iranian militias or militias supported by Iran, 23 of them killed while participating in hostilities.

What country has the most child soldiers?

West and Central Africa is the region with the highest number of child soldiers in the world, as well as the most underage victims of sexual violence, according to a new report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

What does the UN say about violations against children in Syria?

Prioritize children And at least 32 parties to conflict were found responsible for them. “The consequences of such prolonged exposition to violence, to the violation and abuse of their most fundamental rights and to enormous stress, are dramatic”, said the UN expert. “It is bound to affect generations to come”.

Can child soldiers be rehabilitated?

Medical attention, therapy and education are key in rehabilitating former child soldiers. Think about how a child becomes a soldier: Some are taken from their homes because of their strength, some join out of ideology, vengeance and anger, and some are exchanged by their village for protection.

Are child soldiers still used today 2022?

By JENNIFER PELTZ The Associated Press,Updated April 18, 2022, 3:49 p.m. Yemen’s Houthi rebels have agreed to rid their ranks of child soldiers, who have fought by the thousands during the country’s seven years of civil war, the United Nations said Monday.

How many child soldiers are there in Yemen?

The U.N. says nearly 3,500 children have been verified as recruited and deployed in Yemen’s civil war.