Why are there so many deleted scenes in Titanic?

Why are there so many deleted scenes in Titanic?

Although it’s clear that the deleted scenes aren’t necessarily needed to push the plot forward, they do tie up loose ends and emphasize in the film the sadness of the aftermath of the Titanic’s sinking.

How many Titanic scenes have been deleted?

Within the film, Titanic, there were deleted scenes, totalling up to 29.

What was the original ending of law abiding citizen?

Law Abiding Citizen ends with Rice having turned the tables and meeting Clyde in his cell. Rice makes one last plea for Clyde to stop what he’s doing and surrender, insisting that if he dials the suitcase bomb, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.

Is there an extended cut of Titanic?

While they were later made available for special edition DVD and Blu-ray releases, James Cameron surprisingly didn’t put together a director’s cut or extended edition.

Did Jamie Foxx get the ending of Law Abiding Citizen changed?

Though it’s often stated that Jamie Foxx insisted upon the film’s original ending being changed, that’s actually not true at all according to those who worked on Law Abiding Citizen.

What happens at the end of Law Abiding Citizen?

Despite being violent and explosive, the ending of Law Abiding Citizen is oddly peaceful. When Clyde learns that Nick has placed a bomb in his cell, he’s happy about the outcome; while his final smile could have been a reaction to being outsmarted by the attorney, his actions tell a different story.

What is the law abiding citizen movie about?

His seventh directorial, ‘Law Abiding Citizen,’ is a thriller that offers more than thrills. The 2009 film follows Clyde Shelton, a vigilante who tries to avenge the death of his wife and daughter, and Nick Rice, the public attorney who prosecutes the murder trial of Clyde’s family.

What is the message of Law Abiding Citizen?

As with many vigilante movies, Law Abiding Citizen posits the argument that there are flaws in the justice system. Clyde isn’t only interested in punishing the killers who ruined his life; he wants to destroy those who enabled them to walk free in the first place.

Who is Clyde Shelton in’law abiding citizen’?

Law Abiding Citizen stars Gerard Butler as Clyde Shelton, a man who loses everything and goes on the rampage after the system fails to adequately punish his family’s killers. However, what makes this particular vigilante unique is that he’s in jail and able to slaughter his targets from a prison cell thanks to some elaborate underground tunnels.