Why did Homestead AFB close?

Why did Homestead AFB close?

On Aug. 24, 1992, Hurricane Andrew struck south Miami-Dade County,with 175-mph wind gusts, generating a 13-foot storm surge in Biscayne Bay. As a result of the destruction, former Homestead AFB was recommended for realignment by the U.S. Department of Defense Base Realignment and Closure Commission in 1993.

Is Homestead Air Force Base still active?

Homestead ARB was established in 1942 as Homestead Army Airfield (AAF). After its destruction by Hurricane Andrew in August 1992, the base was taken off active status and rebuilt, reopening as an Air Force Reserve facility in 1994.

Is Homestead Air Force Base still operational?

Much of Homestead Air Force Base was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and subsequently rebuilt….

Homestead Air Reserve Base
Owner Department of Defense
Operator US Air Force (USAF)
Controlled by Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC)
Condition Operational

What is close to Homestead ARB?

Nearby attractions include Homestead Miami Speedway (3.4 miles), Knaus Berry Farm (4.3 miles), and Coral Castle (3.0 miles). See all nearby attractions. What are some restaurants close to Homestead ARB?

Who is the largest tenant on Homestead AFB?

During that period, the largest tenant unit on Homestead AFB was the 482nd Tactical Fighter Wing of the Air Force Reserve Command. The 482d TFW was the first Air Force Reserve unit to

Is homestead still a SAC base?

Though still nominally a SAC base, Homestead AFB now maintained a dual mission: to stand ready to project air power around the globe, and to maintain an operationally ready tactical Air Force. With the now permanent presence of the 31st TFW, the

How does Homestead ARB deal with Hurricanes?

Through history, Homestead ARB has and always will have to deal with hurricanes due to its location. What ended the year in 2017 and put Homestead ARB again at the forefront of historical humanitarian relief efforts was the hurricane season. As the hurricane stayed to the west. As wing members were both returning home from and