Why didnt Joseph Gordon-Levitt become Robin?

Why didnt Joseph Gordon-Levitt become Robin?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself doesn’t want it Even if Joseph Gordon-Levitt said, “Robin’s a dumb character, I don’t want a full movie,” that’s still something he could come back from with a simple phrase twist. But to say it’s inappropriate and that the trilogy ended where it should, well, that’s it. It’s over.

Was Joseph Gordon-Levitt supposed to be Nightwing?

Gordon-Levitt says chances of Robin or Nightwing movie are slim. Warner Bros. According to the “500 Days of Summer” star, the only way he would ever consider doing a Robin or Nightwing movie is if someone approached him with a dynamite script and production plan. But he doesn’t ever see this happening.

What does the ending of The Dark Knight Rises mean?

Blake has spent the entire film being promoted as the closest thing to Batman’s heir apparent, from his revelation that he deduced Bruce Wayne’s secret identity to the end reveal that his legal name is “Robin.” As the credits hit and Hans Zimmer’s score blares, he ascends to take on the mantle.

Will there be a Nightwing movie?

According to McKay, the standalone Nightwing movie remains in limbo, not currently in development but not officially cancelled either. He also went into detail on what fans could potentially expect from the film and how the details had yet to be fully determined, particularly in regards to Batman’s role in the film.

Will DC make a Robin movie?

For Robin fans, hopes have been growing that he might get his own solo movie. After all, the character was teased in Batman v Superman and then mentioned outright in Suicide Squad.

Is Joseph Gordon Levitt Robin?

One of the greatest Easter eggs in the movie came near the end of its runtime, when we found out that a supporting character played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the benevolent cop John Blake who has Batman’s back, is actually nick-named Robin. This was a nod, of course, to the caped crusader’s usual sidekick.

Will Nolan ever do another Batman?

Warner Bros has always wanted Christopher Nolan involved in the future of their superhero franchises, but he has always said no. Now though, with movie theaters dying and Tenet flopping, word is that Nolan’s stance on doing more Batman has softened and he’s open to new ideas.

Was Joseph Gordon Levitt supposed to be Batman?

Ben Affleck was later cast as Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Snyder recently revealed that he once considered bringing Gordon-Levitt back as Batman instead. Now, the actor is responding to the idea of an entirely new DCEU team-up.

Why doesn’t John Blake become Robin in Empire?

John Blake doesn’t have to become Robin because he already is Robin — that’s his real name, which writer Jonathan Nolan told Empire was “a wink” to the audience because “It is a little hard to imagine Robin working in that universe, so the idea had to be limited to that gag at the end.”

Why is John Blake’s Robin a’wink’at the audience?

The Dark Knight Rises co-writer Jonathan Nolan referred to the reveal of John Blake as Robin as a “wink” at the audience. “It is a little hard to imagine Robin working in that universe, so the idea had to be limited to that gag at the end,” he stated to Empire magazine.

Is Blake the new Robin or Nightwing?

The imagery is meant to evoke that Blake is going to be Gotham’s new Dark Knight, meaning the new Batman — not that Blake will be Robin or Nightwing or a different costumed persona. (Although Blake could adopt a new costumed identity if he chooses.)

Who is Robin Blake in the Batman?

Robin John Blake was a detective working for the Gotham City Police Department who became a trusted ally to Batman during Bane ‘s reign of terror. After the presumed death of Batman, he resigned from the GCPD and inherited the Batcave after receiving the coordinates from Batman. “So you showed up this one day, in a cool car.