Why do breasts hurt when switching birth control?

Why do breasts hurt when switching birth control?

Other Side Effects From Birth Control Birth control can also cause breast tenderness or pain. This is normal around your period, but the hormones can make the pain stronger. Breast tenderness is a heavy or sore feeling that may spread to your armpit or upper arm.

Can birth control make your boobs constantly hurt?

Birth control pills may cause breast enlargement or tenderness. This side effect tends to improve a few weeks after starting the pill, but anyone who finds a lump in the breast or who has persistent pain or tenderness or severe breast pain should seek medical help.

Can switching birth control brands cause side effects?

Some women will get break through bleeding, mood changes, acne, or other side effects when they switch from name brand to generic. Others say they simply “feel off” on different pills.

How do I get rid of breast tenderness?


  1. Eliminate an underlying cause or aggravating factor. This may involve a simple adjustment, such as wearing a bra with extra support.
  2. Use a topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medication.
  3. Adjust birth control pills.
  4. Reduce the dose of menopausal hormone therapy.
  5. Take a prescription medication.

Can switching birth control pills cause pregnancy?

Switching birth control pills can be straightforward. If a woman follows the methods above, the risk of unintended pregnancy is very low. Although it is not always necessary, using backup protection is the safest way to prevent pregnancy during the process of switching birth control pills.

Can you switch from one birth control pill to another?

It is important to go straight from one birth control method to the next, with no gaps in between. This will help lower your chance of getting pregnant. If you take birth control pills, you do not need to finish the pill pack before switching to another method. You can stop taking your pill at any point in the pack.

Is some breast pain normal?

Discomfort or tenderness in one or both of the breasts is known as breast pain, or mastalgia. It’s normal for a woman’s breasts to change throughout her life, and breast pain is normal in certain stages of life.

Is breast pain a side effect of birth control?

Yes, breast pain or tenderness is a common and mild side effect of hormonal birth control. Women taking combination pills — those that contain two hormones, estrogen and progestin, rather than progestin-only — are more likely to have side effects such as breast pain.

How do I Stop my breasts from hurting after birth control?

Wear a comfortable, supportive bra, even at night if necessary. Apply a warm (never hot) or cold compress for immediate relief. Additionally, if breast tenderness becomes a constant problem, you can always talk to your doctor about a change to a different brand of birth control or a different method.

How long does breast tenderness after birth control last?

Others have breast tenderness right after starting birth control. The pain, however, should go away within a few weeks. If not, contact your medical provider to make sure it’s not a sign of something serious. Otherwise, you can take steps to ease the tenderness, such as:

What are the side effects of changing birth control?

Some side effects will go away, but Dr. Douglas tells Bustle that there can be some effects of changing birth control that are important to monitor. If you have a newly placed IUD, she says, “persistent pelvic or stomach pain, fevers and heavy bleeding” mean that you should see a doctor.