Why do whales migrate to Hervey Bay?

Why do whales migrate to Hervey Bay?

Humpback whales come into Hervey Bay to rest, play and frolic in the warmer waters. The mothers use the rest to teach the newborn calves the necessary skills for their calves’ survival in the deeper, colder waters of Antarctica. The sheltered waters offer the perfect whale watching experience.

What type of whales visit Hervey Bay?

The lifecycle of the Southern Humpback whale brings them into Hervey Bay on Queensland’s Fraser Coast. They leave the rich feeding grounds of Antarctica in May and make the annual 5000 kilometre journey to the breeding grounds in the warm waters of the Whitsundays, north of Fraser Island.

Is Hervey Bay Rough?

Whether you are looking at crime rate or safety from a more natural point of view, you can be sure that Hervey Bay is somewhere that will not pose a high level of danger. In general, Hervey Bay is a safe place to visit or live.

Are there whales in Hervey Bay now?

The whale watching season lasts from mid-July through to November although you still may see whales outside of these dates. Many of the boat trip operators offer a full refund if you don’t spot any whales which gives you an idea of just how many visit Hervey Bay!

How many whales are in Hervey Bay?

It is estimated at least 1,200 humpback whales come to Hervey Bay each season during their migration. Overall, it is also estimated that close to 40,000 humpbacks make their journey north each year. Not all 40,000 whales stop in at Hervey Bay, but at least 1,200 get close to Hervey Bay waters!

Why do whales go north in winter?

Southern Hemisphere humpback whales migrate north each winter from their Southern Ocean feeding grounds to warmer waters to mate and calve.

Can you see whales from the shore in Hervey Bay?

You won’t see whales from the barge where you cross to the island. You need to do a whale watch tour out into the Bay to see the whales “up close and personal”. You also cannot see the whales from the shore in Hervey Bay (although there was 1 day last year that a pod was seen from the pier – first time ever though!).

What whales are at Fraser Island?

Experience the unique and untouched remote west coast of Fraser Island (K’gari) and enjoy up close and personal encounters with majestic Humpback whales.

Can I go whale watching in Hervey Bay?

Prior to the conference, Hervey Bay’s Mayor took representatives of Japan on a personal tour of the Whale watching industry in Hervey Bay. The ORRCA trains individuals in preparation for the whale-watching season for marine mammal rescue. The best time to view the whales during the whale watching season is in the water.

What is the biggest danger to the humpback whale?

Despite this, the biggest danger currently for the humpback, is accidents, pollution and predatory attacks from killer whales. Whaling is still present however not as it was in the early 1900s.

How long does it take a whale to recover from whaling?

Which, is an impressive count, considering the comeback period for centuries of damage is barely over 40 years. The same attributions that make this whale unique and admired are the same ones that have made it a huge target for commercial whaling.

What is the humpback whale’s hearing like?

The humpback is known for having a remarkable sense of hearing, its hearing range can go as far as thousands of miles, provided there is no interference from noise pollution.