Why does my Sony receiver keep changing inputs?

Why does my Sony receiver keep changing inputs?

AVR switches to TV source when first turned ON: This occurs because you have the HDMI-CEC/ARC feature on your TV set to ON as well as HDMI Control on the AVR set to ON. There are several work arounds to prevent this from happening depending on whether you want to pass audio from the TV back to the AVR: 1.

Is Sony Receiver good?

Our listening panel found that the Sony STR-DH190 sounded as good as any other receiver under $200, and it has the features we think most people consider important in a stereo receiver: Bluetooth (to connect portable devices), a phono preamp (to connect a turntable), and plenty of power.

What is DCAC on Sony receiver?

function in the D.C.A.C. (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration) function. D.R.C. Lights up when dynamic range compression is activated.

Why does my HDMI keep switching?

Your TV may switch from HDMI to DVI due to a problem with the TV setting, a faulty HDMI cable, a pending software update, or an incorrect resolution setting. On an AT TV, this problem sometimes occurs if you use the remote control of the DirecTV to adjust the volume.

Why does my Sony TV keep changing source?

Does your Sony TV change input by itself? Then that may be down to your TV’s auto input change (MHL) setting. Turning that off should fix the problem.

How do I reset my Sony home stereo?

Resetting the Home Audio System

  1. Disconnect the power cord and confirm that the STANDBY indicator is not lit. Then, reconnect the power cord and turn on the system.
  2. At the same time, press and hold the FUNCTION and ON/Standby buttons until RESET appears on the display window.

What does SPA mean on Sony receiver?

MULTI CHANNEL AV RECEIVERSTR-DN1070 The indicators on the display panel shows which set of terminals are selected. SPA: Speakers connected to the SPEAKERS FRONT A terminals. SPB (*): Speakers connected to the SPEAKERS SURROUND BACK/BI-AMP/FRONT HIGH/FRONT B terminals.

What is automatic phase matching?

(Automatic Phase Matching) function in the D.C.A.C. (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration). This calibrates the phase characteristics of the speakers for well-coordinated surround sound.