Why is there a girl on the Morton Salt?

Why is there a girl on the Morton Salt?

The ad team came up with a long list of marketing plans. They pitched their most promising concepts to the salt company’s executives, but it was Morton’s son who saw genius in one of the throwaway ideas – a little umbrella-wielding girl, accidentally pouring salt in the rain.

Did Morton Salt go out of business?

On April 30, 2021, K+S Aktiengesellschaft sold its North and South American business units, including Morton Salt, to Stone Canyon Industry Holdings, Mark Demetree and affiliates for $3.2 billion. The deal closed in April 2021.

Who was the Morton Salt girl?

Sarah Peldon
Her current model, introduced in 2014.
Brand: Morton Salt
Nationality: United States
Years active: 1914-present

Is Morton Salt imported from China?

Select Morton-branded products have been imported by the joint venture to China on a small scale over the past decade. The expanded scope of the joint venture will provide consumers in China with a larger product selection from Morton Salt.

How old is the Morton Salt girl?

The Morton Salt Girl first appeared in 1914, three years after the process to stop salt from caking in rainy weather was discovered. That makes her 101 years old this year. That makes her older than Sailor Jack, mascot for Cracker Jack, and presumably his dog Bingo.

What font is used on Morton Salt?

Omnes Pro by Darden Studio is Morton Salt’s corporate typeface.

When did Morton Salt leave Chicago?

December 2016
In 2016, Morton Salt relocated its downtown headquarters office to the new River Point office tower located at 444 W. Lake Street. Morton Salt signed a 16-year lease agreement and moved nearly 400 employees to its new West Loop office in December 2016.

Who bought Morton Salt?

Stone Canyon Industries
The downsizing decision follows Morton Salt’s $3.2 billion sale in April to Stone Canyon Industries, a global industrial holding company that has quickly established itself through acquisitions as the largest salt producer in the world.

Who made the Morton Salt logo?

Pause for Thought designed the new logo and soon to launch packaging. The company is launching a year-long campaign in honor of the Morton Salt Girl, who marks her 100th year as the face of the brand in 2014.

Is Morton Salt Made in the USA?

Morton has over 20 production facilities across the U.S., Canada and the Bahamas, each devoted to bringing you the high quality products you expect. View the map below to find our locations.

Where is Morton salt mined from?

About 2,000 feet under Lake Erie, 30 miles east of Cleveland in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, you’ll find a vast site called the Morton Salt Mine. Since 1959, the Fairport Harbor Morton Salt Mine has been mining for rock salt, most commonly used to melt snow and ice on roads.

Where did Morton Salt move?

Morton Salt To Move Headquarters to New Downtown Chicago Development Along Chicago River. Morton Salt, Inc. today announced it has signed a lease agreement to relocate its Chicago headquarters office to the new River Point tower currently under construction in the West Loop.