Will Japanese Kerria grow in shade?

Will Japanese Kerria grow in shade?

Japanese kerria (Kerria japonica) is an underused, early flowering, deciduous shrub that thrives in full to part-shade landscapes. It is somewhat unique among flowering shrubs that kerria blooms profusely in partial shade. The flowers are bright golden yellow with five petals – very similar to an old-fashioned rose.

What does Pleniflora mean?

The cultivar Pleniflora means “full-flowered.” This sturdy rose grows in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 9.

Should I cut back Kerria?

Pruning. It is important to prune Kerrias just after flowering in late Spring. The flowered shoots are simply cut back, allowing the new growth to ripen for next year’s flower crop. It must be done right after flowering – certainly by mid-June for best effect.

How do you care for Kerria japonica?

Growing Kerria japonica

  1. Latin Name Pronunciation: kare’-ee-ah.
  2. Light: Kerria japonica prefers partial shade but can tolerate sunny locations if the ground is kept evenly moist.
  3. Fertilizer/Soil: Plants perform best in moderately fertile, well-drained soil.
  4. Watering: Prefers moist, well-drained soil.

What is Kerria Pleniflora?

Kerria japonica ‘Pleniflora’ is a vigorous, deciduous spring flowering shrub, perfect for brightening a dark corner or north-facing wall.  It will grow almost anywhere and soon develops into a thicket of tall, graceful stems with suckers growing from the creeping roots.

How do you propagate Kerria japonica Pleniflora?

Grow Kerria japonica ‘Pleniflora’ in moist but well-drained soil in sun to partial shade. It’s best kept out of direct sunlight to avoid bleaching the flowers. Thin out old shoots after flowering and propagate by softwood cuttings in summer or by division in autumn.

What is a Kerria japonica plant?

Kerria Japanese rose (Kerria japonica) is a versatile shrub with arching, greenish-yellow stems and masses of golden-yellow, chrysanthemum-like flowers that put on a show in spring.

What does a Kerria plant look like?

Noted for its green winter stems and yellow spring flowers, Kerria japonica ‘Pleniflora’ (Japanese Kerria) is a vigorous suckering deciduous shrub of great beauty. In spring, it gets covered with bright yellow, pom-pom-like flowers, 2 in. across (5 cm).